An Ode to Simpler Times: School Uniforms in College?

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Was that school uniform the right aesthetic? Trashy or trendy? Maybe that white starched shirt wasn’t so bad.

Wearing the same school uniform day after day for years was possibly the worst part of my morning, second only to getting up at 6:30 a.m. the monotonous colours, socks in peak summer heat and the omnipresent tie that was a bit too tight, it was tedious and terrible. And this is why, picking out an outfit for the first day of college felt liberating, being able to wear more than two primary colours at time, comfortable shoes, maybe even a headband (if you’re that way inclined), it was a long awaited breath of fresh air. Adding a little more to the dramatics here, walking around campus and looking at the first day ensembles, clothes seemed like a form self-expression, deeper and more philosophical than just appearance.

Now, about 5 business days into classes and utterly clueless about what I’m going to wear tomorrow, I take all of that back. As these things tend to go, the high did not last and now I long to revert back to the days of everyone wearing the exact outfit every single day. Those were simpler, underappreciated times. Clothes should not be such a hassle but somehow they’ve upgrade to being a full task that needs to be dealt with the night before. Does this look alright? Is it too much? What is the acceptable number of days after which you can repeat an out? And why does everyone seemingly wear something different every day?

Every single person I’ve come across seems to have a unique sense of style that they execute flawlessly. Chic, glamorous, hipster, subtle classic, trendy, traditional, you name it. It’s all there and it’s all gorgeous. It is also very enjoyable to watch and admire these strangers carrying themselves with confidence and class. It is also a bit daunting and unnerving while deciding what to wear.

But, to be reasonable here, I’m sure this is a predicament all of us who are new to “wear whatever you want” game are in. While there is not a manual, there are some unspoken guidelines that are in place and followed. I feel like we, as a collective, have moved past judging people based on their clothes. The sheen of brands from far off lands, while still reflective, isn’t as alluring, especially now that hitting Sarojini and bargaining have become a rite of passage.

Maybe it all gets more laid back with each semester and nobody has enough time to even register what the other person is wearing, or maybe they aren’t doing it now either and I’m just a little too in my head about thing. After all, with almost two years of lockdown, it’ll take a while get back into the swing of face-to-face interactions and wearing jeans. Whichever the case maybe, dear old school uniform, in all your plain and monotonous glory, you will be missed.

Naina Priyadarshi Mishra    


Naina is, at any given moment, a little bit disorganized. In her spare time, she reads, then reads some more, and writes, then writes some more. She also obsesses over music (especially Taylor Swift's), teen dramas, sitcoms, and art of all kind. A One Direction enthusiast, a somewhat consistent keeper of journal, and she can play guitar (still working on that one).

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