The Incomplete Wish List: The Batch of 2020 Laments

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Plans were made and the wish list of the final-year students was set, but never did they imagine that they were marching towards uncertainty. The Covid-19 outbreak has certainly infected the plans of the outgoing batch, who need to keep peace with their incomplete wish list. Read on to find what the class of 2020 feels about it.

It was the beginning of March 2020 when everyone was dreading for the mid-semester vacation, to head back to our hometowns, do internships, catch-up on the pending studies, and rejuvenate ourselves for the next half of the semester packed with fests, internals, and of course our GRADUATION! Little did we know that our expectations would just move into the helix of uncertainty. It does feel now, that one should have attended that particular day of college they bunked or that particular society meeting for which they made an excuse, so that they could get a little more before things turned out such. While the University is shut amidst the lockdown and some of the major college fests have been cancelled, it is hard to believe the reality. However, the virtual world still keeps us connected and sane during these times.

Shivanu Prav, a student of the outgoing batch from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), says, “As we know that it’s the journey that matters and the people whom you meet along it. I am going to miss all my friends and the things we did, but what makes me feel terrible is that now we won’t be able to do those final things (roaming, bunking, trips, visit to teacher’s house, farewell and convocation) that we planned for. I will miss the glitter in everyone’s eyes by the thought of being graduates at the same time, a sadness of getting apart from each other. I will miss every inch of myself which I lived in SRCC.”

While many colleges have started with online lectures, few students are finding it difficult to cope with the increased screen time, while others have an issue of internet avilability. It only takes us back to missing our college lectures and the classroom environment.

Shivani, a final-year student from Miranda House, commented, “This long break takes me back into my three-year old self. Now I have started fighting with my brother again. I am struggling everyday with my eyes after Zoom lectures and long documented notes.

This is a big pause for me as an individual and the humanity as a whole. This is where we decide our course for this decade.”

Even during this uncertainty, the connectedness between the batchmates is what keeps us going. The plans we had, may not have come out in the way we wanted, however, it teaches us the importance of the memories we spent in the beautiful years of the graduation.

Aarti Rajput, another final-year student from Lady Shri Ram (LSR), adds, “There are various things we wanted to fulfil but I can’t believe that we are waiting for the completion of our graduation like this. We wanted to enjoy these few days of our graduation with our friends and teachers…But now we are sitting at our homes on the video calls. We are crying by recalling our beautiful days that we have spent together. I wish we could celebrate our farewell, graduation party, and attend those last classes which we have missed for no reasons.”

While the students would miss their college once they graduate, these few months were important for looking for the unexplored parts of the Campus, hanging out at Maggi Point, and spending the last few days with their friends and teachers. The graduating batch who had applied for further studies abroad are worried now, and some have even dropped their plans with the worsening situation due to the pandemic. DU has postponed the final exams “until further notice”, however final-year students are anxious due to their delayed graduation. It is true that we are the unluckiest batch. Because we don’t have any chance to live back those beautiful days of our lives, and create memories in our last days of college life. The only thing that keeps coming back to my mind are those lines from Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic song, ‘Har pal Yaha jee bhar jio, jo hai sama kal ho na ho.’ We are just hopeful that this too shall pass and the Class of 2020 would pass with flying colours.

Image Source: Sriya Rane for DU Beat

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