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Amidst Lockdown, Use #CreativityAtHome to Showcase your Talents

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As COVID-19 has resulted in a war-like situation around the world, we are not only battling the disease but also our mental conflicts. Seeing this, an alumnus of our university has started an initiative that will not only help us to utilise our time better, but also showcase our talents. Read on to find out.

Being under quarantine is not easy and with a lot of time to spare, people tend to only suffer physically but also mentally. In such situations, all one needs is a way or a platform via which they can share their emotions. The platform ‘The Talented Indian’ is providing people with just that.

They have started the initiative #CreativityAtHome to help people make better use of their time. It is worth mentioning that the platform has a huge audience and thus provides a good medium for us to showcase our talent.

The Talented Indian is a digital media platform started by DU alumnus, Akash Kamal. He along with a couple of friends started this project six years ago with a single aim, ‘To explore the unexplored talent of Indians’. The platform has come a long way since.

The word “Talent, as Akash Kamal defines it, is not only confined to the performing arts but also includes poetry, storytelling, photography, sketching, sculpting, etc. We also cater to bring out the stories of people engaged in entrepreneurial activities, social service, and philanthropic activities. For us, every person is uniquely talented and we aim to create a level playing field for every artist while appreciating their craft.

Talking to us about the inspiration of this idea, he says, “Some time back I happened to meet a corporate executive of a major MNC. He was not only an exotic painter but also a versatile musician. While being so good he never had enough time to invest in his talents. On seeing his artworks I thought of giving him and so many like him a platform where they can showcase their talents. Thus we started the initiative. And even though quarantine has locked us inside our houses, it has given us one thing in abundance, time. Apart from this, sharing your talents helps a person to feel better, mentally and in a time when news channels are filled negativity creativity serves as a great getaway.”

One can showcase their talents or artworks via tagging The Talented Indian on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If the artwork is shortlisted, it gets featured on the website. Also if the talent showcased is exceptional then the creator is live streamed on the platform’s social media. 

Featured Image Credits: Recent submissions to #CreativityAtHome via (The Talented Indian via Twitter)

Aniket Singh Chauhan

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