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How Personal is Political: Friendship and Dissent

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In such times of political turmoil, its easy to feel that everyone is divided into two opposite camps.With friends having opposite and clashing political ideologies, How are many students dealing with this?

The second term of the BJP Government has brought with it many divisive decisions , which have been open to debate and dissent. The country erupted in widespread dissent against the CAA-NRC-NPR, with many feeling that the act was unconstitutional and blatantly islamophobic with many common citizens taking to the streets to express their dissent on a daily basis, a lot of which is brutally repressed by state controlled machinery. On the other side of the spectrum, many supporters of the BJP and their ideology believe that the act is for the betterment of the country, and those protesting are simply disrupting law and order.

While It is easy to see this in a simple black and white spectrum, it is definitely not so. With many choosing to remain apolitical or without a firm stance. Faizan Salik, a second year student from Jamia Millia Islamia, a University that turned into a warzone by the Delhi Police in December, believes that being apolitical is rooted in privilege and debate is the way forward. He says “ Political Apathy is a really considerate commitment, in modern geopolitical warfare where politics has deep roots in shaping major decisions of life, remaining apolitical Or inconsiderate can just be a staunch pedestal to showcase your privilege. It’s entirely subjective on individual, but when opinions differ, I would personally like to engage in a debate & discussion to let others understand each other’s scope and if I am wrong it would help me to clear my stance. Clouded ideologies are only a way to commotion and stupidity.”

The idea of trying to be open to other ideologies is also not lost among some who identify with the political right. Samaksh Sharma, a second year student from  DU says “ There is a stereotype within the left that those from the right wing are blind supporters of Modi and all his policies and are not open for debate. While this might be true for some, I personally try to keep myself open and don’t see the sense in losing close friends over politics. One of my closest friends is actively protesting against CAA and police violence and I still speak to him everyday and we debate sometimes. While I am very neutral when it comes to the CAA, I believe that the Supreme Court should strike it down, as its introduction has only harmed the country.”

It is evident that some people are receptive and open to debate however that might not be the case always. When one is staunch and adamant in their thinking and ideology and is not receptive to facts or theoretical reasoning, the author feels that it is best in this case to minimise contact in such cases. One’s mental health should be prioritized in such times of turmoil, and sometimes it is best to avoid those who disregard, admonish, and demonize our point of view.

Prabhanu Kumar Das

[email protected]

 Feature Image Credits: Aditi Gutgutia for DU Beat

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