Discrepancies in Question Papers at LSR

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On December 10, 2019, discrepancies in question papers for the General Elective (GE) Political Science and Sociology surfaced in the examination halls of Lady Shri Ram College (LSR). Students expressed their grievances.

Students of LSR faced discrepancies in their question papers as the second year students appeared for their General Elective (G.E.) papers for the third semester of semester-end examinations.

It has been gathered that the paper received by students having Sociology as their GE had questions pertaining to the syllabus of Fourth Semester. A new set of question paper was then received by the students at 3:30 pm. Thereby, delaying the commencement of the examination by an hour. “The invigilator mentioned that they had contacted the University examiners and the question paper came from their side” says a student having Sociology as her GE, who wished to remain anonymous.

Students having Political Science faced issues while writing the paper as well. Students had two options for the paper- Women, Power and Politics and United Nations and Global Conflicts. The paper on Feminism: Theory and Practice which was followed in the previous years was swapped by the paper-Women, Power and Politics.

Students who had opted for Women, Power and Politics received questions from the previous course i.e. Feminism: Theory and Practice. Anam Khan, a second year student pursuing English Honours said, “Even after pointing out the change in the name of the question paper (which did not match the name of the paper as specified in the admit card), the invigilator did not consider my query, telling me that it must have been printed by mistake or it is only the name that is changed and not the entire question paper.” Students added the professor is writing a letter to the varsity to point it (the concern) out. DU Beat tried to contact the professor; however a response could not be furnished.

The issue of question paper in LSR was not the first encounter but one of the many encounters faced by students in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Ramanujan College and Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. “I think the issue of discrepancies is increasing rapidly in the recent years. Although this happened for the first time with me but I have heard about it earlier” says Anam Khan, a second year student from LSR.


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Priyanshi Banerjee

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