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Students of Sri Venkateswara College Protest for Admit Cards

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In Sri Venkateswara College (SVC), University of Delhi(DU), Students’ Union protested along with students, outside administration office for admit cards even a day prior to end-semester exams. 

On 26th November, students with attendance less than 66.67 per cent, protested and sat outside the admin office to get approval for their admit cards. The protest was led by the Students’ Union. 

 The protest continued till late evening after which the students were forced to leave the campus by police personnel called by the college authorities. The police has been allegedly accused of mishandling the students. 

A student involved in the protest, under conditions of anonymity said, “Everybody was sitting outside of the admin office, the police came and with the use of lathis and force escorted all the students outside. Outside, the college gate, central councillor, Kapil Singh, was thrashed by the police and forcefully taken inside the college premises.” 

 As per sources, many students involved in this protest had an exam the next day, the AECC English Communication/EVS schedules for 27th November. 

After much struggle by the students, the attendance screening committee allowed the students to appear for the exam using examination fees and college ID. 

On the morning of 27th November, the student union called for a protest in the college premises. However, when the students arrived the college guards did not let them enter the college and said entry would only be permitted after 1 p.m.

 Anand, Vice President, SVC Students’ Union, said, “The college administration along with the Principal are still adamant on their take. In morning hours the students’ entry was blocked and afterwards the Union staged a protest against the rogue behaviour of police last night after which the principal accepted for a meeting where still the demands were not met and we offered our resignation letter.

On 28th November, the Union after meeting with the college authorities was able to bring the attendance criteria relaxed till 47%. The students who were below the 67% attendance criteria were rumoured to miss at least one core paper to sit for other examinations. 

Rajat Sharma, President, SVC Students’ Union said, “The admin was firm on its decision to stop one core paper of students who fall short of 66.67% but the union stood against the fact on how it was 40% last semester, and the students need a steady imposition of this criteria to adjust. Union had literally 5-6 meetings before any kind of protest. Within a span of 5 days the union was successful in getting the criteria lowered along with the help of students and societies of our college.” 

 As per the college authorities, undertaking was made signed by all students who took admission that admit card will not be issued under 66.67% attendance. 

 Member of administration anonymously told DU Beat, “Every student of 1st semester has given a signed undertaking and had agreed at admission to maintain the criteria. The other students were made clearly notified of this criterion. Many of the students of even 3rd semester protesting have signed the undertaking.” 

Currently, students above a certain percentage have been issued admit cards on the condition that they will fulfil the remaining attendance which they lacked in this semester in the next one. Others have not been issued an admit card yet. 

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat


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