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An Ode to School Friends

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One spends a chunk of their school lives making connections with classmates that continue for life, or do they?

School is indispensable. Most of the late-night stories my father used to recite to me involved him and his school buddies engaging in a ‘shaitaani (mischief)’ and then getting scolded by their Principal. Although, in the end, before sleeping he always used to wonder, where his friends are now?

We almost have every stereotypical trope in our classes in school. There is a fun gang, a notorious group, the rowdy boys, the toppers, the backbenchers, the teacher’s pet, the lover boy, everyone’s favourite, the snitch, and many more. Along with this, some experiences are also common to all- the infamous love-triangles (I am sure the teachers also bet on them), the made-for-each-other couples, the best friends forever, being the best class of the batch (every class felt that way), the most helpful kid in class, the birthday cakes cut in school in secret, the classes bunked to eat in the canteen, and many more.

School friends play an essential part in our lives. We experience our first bunks, first sprouts of rebelliousness, first crushes, first lies, first heartbreaks, and several other firsts alongside them. These memories shape one’s perspective in college makes the open to new ideas and people. However, the school also builds a wall of problematic bricks that we have to essentially break once we enter college. The infamous process of unlearning is a thing because of the problematic aspects one is fed in school.

Despite that, school friends still remain a close niche, a corner of our hearts is always filled with love for them. Be it that one friend with whom your ties loosened because you got into separate sections, that one annoying boy who used to crack lamest jokes ever, that topper who used to send you all the notes always, or the wittiest and wisest kid in school who is now studying across the sea, everyone is remembered in one way or the other.

Amongst all 120 kids in the batch, only five or six remain the ones whom you stay in touch with. They are safety-net you can always fall back on, a student from Gargi College calls them “her god-siblings”, she added that she could call them at 2 in the morning, crib about her day, and they will be willing to listen. “And I would do the same for them,” she said.

In spite of hectic college schedules, society meetings and practices, extra-curricular activities, and academic burdens, a connection among these friends stays, even if they live in the other part of the country. Social media plays an extensive role in this. It helps in staying connected and updated about each other’s lives, and helps bridge any communication gaps that may occur.

The influence of social media is such that now both my parents are back in touch with their school friends, reminiscing old days and crushing with nostalgia every now and then. My father now texts his school pals to ask how they doing, if he is curious about it.

Feature Image Source: Sakshi Arora for DU Beat

Sakshi Arora

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