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DU to Revamp Evaluation Procedure

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University Grants Commission (UGC) has initiated its new evaluation set-up of continuous assessment, incorporating poster making, quizzes, essays and much more as a part of the curriculum. Thereby, restructuring a 7:3 assessment pattern.


UGC has initiated its latest step towards the evaluation and assessment of students, introducing poster making, quizzes and essays, giving respite to the paper-pen system of evaluation.

The committee that recommended the analysis reforms was headed by Professor M.M. Salunkhe, President, Affiliation of Indian Universities (AIU), with an objective of inculcating continuous assessment- making paper displays, participating in group discussions and writing unit exams for every chapter in addition to the year-end examination. In keeping with the proposed analysis methodology, 70 per cent weightage will likely be given to formative evaluation while summative evaluation, which was thus far 100 per cent of the analysis, will now be restricted to 30 per cent.

“The idea of moving towards a continuous evaluation method is a move away from rote learning and to make learning interesting for students,” said UGC Vice Chairman Bhushan Patwardhan. He further added, “The new evaluation scheme has been formulated by a committee of experts appointed by the commission and will soon be made official by the HRD minister.”

However, apprehensions lurk around the latest move. Rajesh Jha, a Delhi University College instructor told LiiStudio, “One has to see the size of our classrooms; there are 60 students in one class, how are we going to have the ability to do inside evaluation with issues like group discussions and poster making with them?” He added, “What are we going to teach the students anyway by poster-making? If the government wants a curriculum that makes students more creative and develops their critical ability, they should assess this scheme properly before implementation,”. Satviki Sanjay, a student of Miranda House put forth her views on the continual analysis initiative- “Poster making and quizzes seem like a waste of time. I would like the syllabus and the teaching to be more practical and application-oriented, for which I think essays and, to an extent, presentations are great, but a replica of the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) system in college is impractical. While I agree, there should be some continuous evaluation because we only study for exams, I am not sure how practical and how well implemented this system would be.”

With private universities such as the Azim Premji University and Ashoka University already abiding by the continuous evaluation process, results of implementation of a similar process on DU colleges are awaited.

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