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After the State, Jammu and Kashmir Girls Hostel Under Administrative Rampage

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Just as the Jammu and Kashmir Girls Hostel of Jamia Millia Islamia is about to complete one year of its inauguration, 11 workers of the hostel were sacked arbitrarily without any prior information.

The workers including mess bearers, sanitation workers, and caretakers have allegedly complained regarding the impeachment and new appointments of the staff, claiming it to be deceptive and originating from personal relations with the newly appointed provost. 

Apparently, this year also marks the appointment of seperate provosts for both the hostels of the BHM Hall of Girls Residence, the entire staff including the wardens has undergone a similar change, making many people skeptical about the appointment procedures. 

Many students residing in the hostel have expressed their grievances regarding the new rules coming into effect with these appointments, the strain of formalities is extremely burdensome with the students being accountable for every minute of entry and exit. Where the suspension of the work staff  has augmented a feeling of envy towards the authority, although the workers impeached from their duties came in a sudden response, the authorities claim that they were hired on a contractual basis and had hints regarding the removal.

Furthermore, the new recruitments are under due procedures necessitated for appointment of hostel staff, the appointment of male staff for sanitation works seems heretic to the safety and privacy of the female students of the hostel. 

The job in country’s premier Central University comes without any security is equally concerning to which one of the students responded as such, “If the workers and staff of the hostel is not secured, how are we as students going to be safe here,”

Where most of the workers were asked to discontinue their services from the very moment, one of the workers was even asked to depart within a day, failing which she was compelled to leave by the action of force and guards coming into play. 

Meanwhile, as no clear statement is availed from the administration, they are inconsiderate towards the plea of the chucked workers. The reaction to it with new recruitments still remains a big question, nothing can be clearly interpreted with regarding to this issue. 

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat.

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