Bazinga: Issue of New ID Cards for All Students of the University

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The University of Delhi (DU) has decided to introduce common ID cards for students in order to lessen the biasing which exists within the colleges and promote the university as a whole on a new front. 

The layout of the new id cards have been finalized and approved by the an Academic committee comprising of seven current Principals and three retired Principals of DU.

Several politicians have approved of this move as an attempt to bring the University under one common umbrella as this will allow students to access various resources of the University easily, without being restricted by the ‘college’ barrier in order to avail the facilities the University provides. The common ID cards will also terminate the existence of the ‘Library Cards’ thereby effectively bringing forth the idea of having one common pass for accessing all what DU has to offer.

Although the decision comes at an odd time, with the new session already in swing, Prof. Kamlesh from the committee quotes, “Having a common ID card is a decision with the ultimate objective of benefitting the students. It will remove the barriers and segregations and allow the University to be seen as one whole sphere.”

The Vice Chancellor has also given a green flag to the decision. 

The decision has roped in both positive and negative feedbacks from the student.

Shreeja Sharma, second-year student from Kalindi College quotes, “Having common ID cards would allow us to freely access the large libraries of various colleges, like IPCW. This will allow us to expand our knowledge base and expose ourselves to more avenues.”

The students from sports quota said this will allow them to train in the best facilities offered by the colleges. Shekhar Vats, a third-year Economics Honours student from sports quota says, “This is a great decision on the part of the University. Now we can have access to great sports complexes like the one of Shri Ram College of Commerce for our practices. With great places to practice, our efforts will get enhanced and we’ll bring more laurels to the University.”

Despite the positive changes it hopes to bring in, there has been discontent voiced against the move of having common ID cards.

Annanya Sharma from St. Stephen’s College has said, “Allowing ID Cards without the name of college would allow student politicians from ABVP and NSUI to disrupt the academic atmosphere of non-affiliated (to DUSU) colleges. We strongly condemn this move and will ask other non-DUSU colleges to join us.” (sic.)

The issue has been seriously taken up by the non-affiliated colleges and they have decided to protest against this sudden move in front of the Law Faculty the next Monday, on 23rd September. The fact that no student representation has been there in the committee before bringing in this change will also be voiced during the protest.

A sample template has been created by the committee and is out for comments on improvements and suggestions till 30th September, 2019. This is also present on the University web portal for public scrutiny.

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