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The Curious Case of a Bespectacled Girl

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Girls who wear glasses are often considered nerdy, studious, and boring. Here is an insight into what our glasses really mean to us.

In an absurd way of flirting, Sunny Singh’s character in the song ‘Bom Diggy Diggy’, removes a girl’s glasses when she sits down with him. That isn’t the most problematic thing from the film or that song, but it did pinch my heart somewhere. More prominently, movies over time have presented girls with specs as submissive, studious, diligent, patient, and nerdy. As soon as those glasses are removed, they turn into a carefree, outgoing, extroverted, singers and dancers.

But the truth is, that in my group of six girlfriends, five of us wear glasses. We are all separate individuals, and no one would call any of us nerdy or boring. One of us five is a part of Lady Shri Ram dramatics society, while another one is an actor in her film-making society. Our glasses have never deterred us in any way or form. Rather, they are a part of us like a body organ, which is inseparable and necessary, and we love it.

My glasses form a part of my personality. They ground me to be who I am. Recently, wearing an all-out Indian outfit I still pulled off my glasses with ease. Despite all my relatives asking me to remove them, I didn’t do so. “I don’t find lenses comfortable and I am happier with my glasses on,” was my staple answer to anyone and everyone who asked me about my precious eyewear. In that heavy hairdo, glorious ethnic dress and a tonne of make-up, my glasses were my only solace which made me feel like myself.

“Glasses become so precious to us that routine things with glasses become interesting,” one of my friends said. My other friend shared that she often forgets to remove her glasses before washing her face and it is always hilarious. Going for a swim and watching a 3D movie wearing spectacles are problems within themselves. Shubhi says that she finds the meme “we have to actually pay to see the world” very relatable. There is always a weird glare in our pictures, and our glasses become foggy when we come out of a cold room. We mistakenly sit on our glasses, or lay down with glasses on, which leads to them breaking, along with our hearts and pockets.

In spite of all this, glasses still remain essential and significant. One of my friends added, “I look like a totally different person with my glasses on. So, I can easily carry two different looks, it is an advantage.” Every girl who wears glasses gets used to them, and making glasses a tool of judging one’s personalities or likes and dislikes is unfair.


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