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Delhi Government Releases Three-Month Grants to 28 DU Colleges

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Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) representatives were able to get the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia to release the funds of 28 University of Delhi (DU) colleges funded by the Delhi Government on Saturday. This order comes two days before the protest planned by DUTA.

The Delhi Government has agreed to release grants to 28 DU colleges funded by it, despite them not having their governing bodies. In a letter to the Education Secretary, Sisodia had blamed the University for stalling the functioning of the colleges as it did not extend their tenure as directed. Due to this, the Government and the University were in conflict and all of these 28 colleges were denied funding.

The letter had stated, “The University delayed sending the University panel. Even when the names were sent, only 180 names were given, even though, as per the precedent, more than 250 names are to be sent. It is this reason that forced the Government of NCT of Delhi to stop the funds of these colleges.”

The official notice stated that the Delhi government-funded colleges’ functioning was stalled due to the funds being stopped to these colleges resulting in various problems and hardships faced by the teachers. The notice also directed the DHE to release the three-month grants to these colleges. It also stated that the flow of funds shall be resumed as soon as the governing bodies are formed.

The funds were sanctioned by the Deputy Chief Minister to all the colleges for three months, on grounds that the teachers should not face any hardships. This resulted in DUTA calling off the strike. Rajib Ray, President, DUTA, confirmed the same and added that they would now take up the various issues such as sanction of new courses, resolution of new posts as per the Economically Weaker Section (EWS), grants for partially-funded DU colleges, arrears following the seventh pay commission, etc., with the government.

The statement issued by DUTA also notes, “The DUTA will seek an immediate meeting with the Deputy Chief Minister to pursue the formation of governing bodies, ensuring 5% contributions towards partially funded DU colleges and grants for infrastructure creation and sanction of teaching and non-teaching posts towards EWS expansion in the 12 fully funded colleges.”

Governing bodies are responsible for the smooth functioning of the colleges and are known to take the important decision regarding issues like appointment of teaching and non-teaching staff. However, their tenure expired and the colleges were expected to appoint new governing bodies, failure of which led to the Government to hold off the funds.


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