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First Year Versus Third Year

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The three years of college life are a rollercoaster ride which consists of many ups and downs. The ride starts from the fresher’s party and ends at the farewell.

What comes in between are a few bumps and a lot of fun that one gets while on the ride. This article describes the phases of transition that every student goes through in the three years of college.
A bunch of immature students enters college after spending fourteen years in school. For the first time, they get out of the protected cocoon called the school and step in the real world and after spending three years in college, they graduate as mature adults. These three years of the college comprises of series of transitions.
In the first year, our lives revolve more around classes, assignments, tests, and presentations. The second year is more about finding your circle and doing everything that you wanted to do in your college life. Two years pass by in the blink of an eye and then comes the final year which is about being happy over graduating soon, being sad over leaving college, thinking about career options and everything else. The end of the sixth semester is when you look back at life, reminisce all the memories that you’ve made and realize that its finally over, the best three years of life are over.
A lot of things changes in these three years. According to most people, the first and the most common thing that transforms is the dressing sense. People tend to dress up more formally and decently in the first year, try to be their best selves in the second year and by the third year they are tired of dressing up and often show up in pajamas to college.
Shivani, a first-year student of Kamala Nehru College says, “The first year is like a rollercoaster. You meet new people, your appearance changes, classes are different from school, parents give freedom and independence- everything changes! You either start loving college or hating it, but when you look back at your 18-year-old self, you realize how drastically you’ve grown and it’s almost bittersweet.

The first year is full of excitement and confusion with all the new things that come your way and you want to try them all. Towards the end of the first year, you start feeling odd that you are no longer a ‘fresher’, but it is also exciting as now you’ll live the adult life and become a senior after entering the second year.”
The first year is all about leaving an impression on others, making friends and trying to chill around. Whereas the second year is when you actually live the chilling around phase. We try to hang out with anyone and everyone in the first year and it is only towards the end of the first year or the starting of the second year that we actually find our gang.

It takes a year to find people who are like us and it is only after talking to and being with a lot of people that we realize who are the right ones. By the time people reach their final year, they are already done with hanging out, going to pretty cafes, partying on almost every weekend and they realize that almost all the options on the bucket list are checked.


So the final year is more about being lazy and mixed emotions. The year goes by thinking about what to do next, filling forms for post- graduation courses, trying to bag a job during the placement drive and what not. At times, it also leads many people to doubt the decision of taking up the course that they’ve studied for three years and will hold the graduation degree in. Life transforms to a great extent in these three years.

“The transition from first to the third year is tough but beautiful. Your college becomes your second home and your second family. At times, college can be exhausting and so you must remember to take breaks for your sanity. I, personally believe that humanities change you as a person, your ideologies and beliefs. You become wiser. At the end of the day, remember that these years will fly by in a wink, so, make the most of it”, says Prachi, a second-year student of Gargi College.
In the first year, life revolves more around attending classes and submitting assignments. Professors are taken seriously and deadlines are given priority. Being on time for classes and attending the 8:30 am lectures are just a first-semester thing. It all changes as we move further and step into the next semester.
Moreover, the thing that changes the most is the perspective through which you look at the world. You learn a lot of things, you change and you grow into a better person. Shoa, a third-year student of Miranda House says, “College gave me so much space for growing as a person altogether and there are so many parts of my being that got changed. My perspectives on a lot of things are more open, more accommodating and the journey of these three years only made me realize that the learning has only begun. From the first year to the third, the journey at Miranda House has been beautiful and uplifting.”
It can be said that the three years of college are indeed a rollercoaster ride which comprises of a lot of happy and some sad times. The transition from the first to the third year is very visible. It is something that every student faces as they get transformed into a more thoughtful, mature adult in the three years. We all enter college with a bunch of unknown faces and leave it with a group of friends who are more like a family and a bag full of memories that we’ll cherish for all our lives.

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