Delhi University Curriculum Open for Review

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Delhi University Curriculum after getting revised is now open to feedback to be better suited for the present demands and societal needs.

On 20 May 2019, University of Delhi (DU) uploaded the details of 75 Undergraduate Courses online, which are now open to feedback and review. The University attempts to gain feedback from alumni, academia, public sector experts, professionals and industrialists.

The curriculum will be available for public review until 31 May 2019.

This move comes after it decided to revise and update and the curriculum of UG courses, in March this year. 28 departments have uploaded the updated curriculum and among these the Department of Mathematics of College of Vocational Studies (CVS) and the Department of Home Science have had maximum revisions.

This step aims towards making the curriculum more relevant to the fourth Industrial revolution and to encourage a global outlook, corporate social responsibility and other societal needs in the students. Following 31 May, the deans will review the suggestions for the courses in their respective departments. Every department is also liable to get these suggestions reviewed by experts- two national and three international domain experts.

“Departments have developed the second draft and made several changes in the existing curriculum, including weekly-reviews, definite learning outcomes, teaching practices, assessment strategies and tasks. The revised curriculum is also being sent to the toppers of previous batches and alumni for students’ perspective.”, C S Dubey, Chairperson, Undergraduate Curriculum Revision Committee, DU on speaking to a national daily.

The feedback forms for all courses are available on the website and can be submitted to the dashboard. They contain 15 questions which include 14 close ended or ‘Yes and No’ options. There is a provision to provide a detailed answer once we select ‘No’. The fifteenth question is open ended with an option of ‘Any other suggestions’.

Sanjula Gupta a student of Kamala Nehru College commented, “I think this a good move, considering that Delhi University is a premier educational institute in the country. A better, updated and revised syllabus can make our courses more globally relevant and teach us the skills required to effectively participate in the modern economy.”

The revision of this curriculum has been awaiting since 2017 as per the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). The final draft along with the suggestions is expected to be submitted to the University Council by 20 June. And the final decision of consolidating these suggestions within the coursework lies with the Standing Committee of Delhi University. The students enrolling for Undergraduate courses this academic cycle will study this new curriculum.

Image Credits: Delhi University Website

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