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Change: Arbitrariness and Acceptance

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Change is an unsettling idea. It means a certain shift from the comforts. Not everyone can adjust to this shift as easily.
It is almost confusing- how change is an arbitrary event and yet so time-consuming. We await change, seeing it as an upheaval of sorts; and when it does not come, we are dismayed. Change cannot be awaited, because it is highly arbitrary. You can change your ways and behaviors, but even in that, the upheaval you seek will take time to ripe, and then happen all at once. The play of the arbitrary has always been an object of amusement for us all. It is this ambiguity that poses problems when the time is ripe to deal with the change.
A lot of situations will put your patience and tolerance to a brutal test. Anticipation of change to sail you through this turbulence is only natural. But more importantly, change cannot be seen as an escape. It is an act that is triggered by the process of learning. Living through the bad times, and then living through the phase of change is informative as well as satisfying, after a fashion. From a position of privilege, change can also be to a position of troubles. Unsurprisingly it works both ways- the good and the bad. But it is the nature of change to always teach us important
things. And it is this process of learning that matters.
The arbitrary nature of change is highly problematic. The change can be anything- your feelings towards someone, or the other way around, your career choices, your ideas. But it helps to remember that in this transitional phase, it is most important to maintain your calm. Transition is scary, and uplifting in equal parts. But even when it turns sour, you have to participate. It takes a lot more than just courage to hold your head high in a challenging time. Give it some time.
When you mix water and sand  thoroughly, the sand will always settle at the bottom. It may sound cliched, but in some instances of extreme frictional changes that happen in our lives, (and at that, arbitrarily happening changes) the most helpful thing to do is to wait.Acceptance is never arbitrary or random or easy. We always need our time to wrap our headspace around the change. That is exactly what we lack these days, which makes adjusting to change difficult for us. It would only help to recall every once in a while, that acceptance is a naturally challenging process that takes time. The arbitrary change follows a well-thought acceptance. Taking your time with the change is all that is essential.
Feature Image Credits:Duluth News Tribune
Kartik Chauhan
[email protected]

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