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More than a Dozen departments in Delhi University are being run Without Heads

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In addition to this, around 4000 teaching positions vacant in various colleges of the varsity.

As many as 13 Departments of Delhi University (DU) are currently functioning without a permanent dean or head. This lack of a regulatory figure has led to a disruptment in the activities of the concerned departments.

According to Rajesh Jha, a member of DU’s Executive Council (EC), there are 13 departments that don’t have a dean or permanent head. Additionally, there are two more departments whose deans’ tenures have ended, but they are temporarily working as deans on the request of the University administration, as expressed by him on The Sunday Guardian Live.

“The University administration is reluctant to function in a normal manner; it comes up with strange anti-education initiatives, and is not taking care of the real needs of the university. There are 13 departments that don’t have a permanent dean or head. Nearly 20 DU colleges have no permanent principals. The funds allocated for various development works of the University are not being used properly,” Jha further added, speaking to the same news agency.

Works including research, among others, are getting affected due to this. Administrative works, too, naturally, are being affected. “The DU administration, mainly the Vice-Chancellor (VC), is reluctant to address these problems,” Jha complained.

According to the EC member, in the Faculty of Medical Science, posts of eight department heads are lying vacant; similarly, in the Faculty of Social Science, three posts of heads are vacant. The Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Science and Faculty of Commerce have one post of head vacant in each center.

DU teachers have been, time and again, protesting for the appointment of administrative and teaching, but all has fallen to deaf ears since the University’s affairs are still being run in an ad-hoc manner. Nearly 4,000 teaching staff posts are vacant in the various colleges of DU and the teaching is being managed by ad-hoc teachers.

Every year, there is a steady increase in the number of students that DU houses, but it does not run the same way when it comes to staff. There is an imbalance between the ration of students and teachers; therefore, the standard of education is on a decline.

Image credits: DU Beat archives

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