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Cancellations and Celebrations: Day 3 of Confluence’19

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Confluence, the annual fest of Hansraj College bustled with events on a larger scale on its third day. Highlights included a discussion by Rajat Sharma and cancellation of the EDM star night.

As one walked on the sports grounds of Hansraj College today morning, one could see several dance crews prepping their best moves rehearsing on hip-hop beats for the street dance competition. It was one of the many events of Hansraj’s ongoing fest called Confluence. However, the diversity of the mood in this fest could be witnessed right as one walked out of the field.
Near the stalls of several departments of the college, were several students giving the best display of off-beat, unchoreographed dance to local Punjabi songs. The dances were different but the mood was same, of euphoria.

As we moved further, we could that Kalakriti, the Fine Arts Society of the college had put up their annual exhibition ‘Explorations’ which was a beautiful sight to behold. The artistic creations made on the theme of ‘Seven Chakras’ by the members of the society spread their artsy vibes everywhere and attracted everybody’s attention.
While the usual hullabaloo of fests with the food stalls, product placement, and music playing from blaring loud speakers was present at the fest, the crowds had to face some major disappointments.

Our sources from Hansraj informed us in the morning that the main stage area would be graced with the presence of a fashion show and a star night featuring DJ Tatva. Unfortunately, both these events didn’t see the light of the day.

However, the supposedly minor events turned out to be way better. One highlight was the Street Dance which saw several dancers displaying their best moves, battling out against each other. There was also a showcase of classical dances at the amphitheatre with both solo and duet events.
The Equal Opportunity Cell of the college in a very commendable move, organized a drama competition exclusively for People with Disabilties (PwD) students in college’s amphitheatre. As rightly named, the event ‘Pahal’ was a refreshing initiative to promote equal participation and opportunities to students belonging to PwD category. Themed ‘Dreams’, the drama competition was a heartwarming sight as it was enthusiastically participated in by students of various colleges across the city.

The Finance and Investment society of the college organized an interactive speaker session Empresa ’19 which was presided over by Mr. Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-chief and Chairman, India TV and former President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Mr. Naveen Gupta. Eminent journalist Rajat Sharma in his enlightening session interacted with students and shared his journey filled with struggles which lead him to the pinnacle of success.

“Free, Fair and Fearless”, are the qualities essential to be a good journalist according to Mr. Sharma. On the other hand, Mr. Naveen Gupta answered students’ queries on recent major tax reforms like GST and its impact on the economy.

Hence, even with a few cancellations, the fest still managed to gain some momentum with the enthusiasm of the organising members and the audience (random people dancing on Bollywood music near the field was a sight to behold). That being said, Confluence’s organising committee might still keep its fingers crossed as tomorrow’s star night featuring Punjabi singers Jassi Gill and Babal Rai would most probably be preponed.

Word is in the air that the principal isn’t allowing the star night to be stretched till late evening and wishes that it finishes early, hence making it a ‘star afternoon’ of sorts. But well, would Confluence ’19 have a fitting end, that only time will tell.

Featured Image Credits- Surbhit Rastogi for DU Beat

Shaurya Singh Thapa
[email protected]

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