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Plastic Paradox-Tackling Climate Change Through Street Theatre: A Review

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Recently, DramaNomics, theatre society of College of Vocational Studies performed their annual stage production. Here is the review of the same.

Pollution is one of the biggest problems of this decade. With the government taking steps towards reducing plastic usage and banning single-use plastic in some areas, plastic pollution and its adverse effects still find a way into our daily lives.  A recent study shows that microbial plastic has made its way into the food chain and it’s long term effects include exposure to carcinogens and inflammation of the stomach lining.
Street theatre has now found its way to address the plastic menace. DramaNomics, the theatre society of College of Vocational Studies performed their annual street production ‘Plastic Paradox’ as a part of the Sahitya Kala Parishad at Kamani Auditorium. Packed with enthusiasm, one-liners, and a great background music, the play finds a hilarious way to address the ongoing plastic crisis in India.

Image Credits: Jaishree Kumar for DU Beat.
Image Credits: Jaishree Kumar for DU Beat.

The play starts with an infographic on plastic usage and slowly progresses to scenes of human evolution, the development of technology, and human intellect leading to the discovery of single-use plastic. The passage of time and evolution is represented by a human clock, moving in synchronicity as one of the actors delivers the Public Service Announcement. The play moves on to showcase the hypocrisy of the society when it comes to reducing plastic usage. The play not only talks about the impact of plastic on humans, but also its impact on marine animals and their survival.


Plastic Paradox tackles the issue and presents it in the most entertaining way possible. With a Punjabi-English rap song on saving the environment and pointing out the anomalies in the modern day society with respect to environmental concerns, DramaNomics take the audience on a 15 minute hilarious yet thought provoking journey on the impacts of pollution, and the need to take action against.

The play has won various awards at inter-college theatre festivals and gained widespread recognition across the theatre circuit.
Feature Image Credits: Jaishree Kumar for DU Beat.

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