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Ways to Wake Up for an 8:30 Class

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What is taught in an 8:30 class that cannot be taught in a class that takes place at 1PM? Nothing, really. But you got to do what you got to do.


  1. Find a travel partner

If there is someone whom you travel with, to the college, you’ll find yourself finding enough motivation to wake up early morning to go to the college with them. Coordinating with them and making sure you both have woken up to reach college on time can really help. Having company and knowing they are as doomed as you, gives an uncanny satisfaction!


  1. Unique Alarm Apps

Some alarm apps like ‘Alarmy’ are for sleepy heads like us! They are loud alarms that won’t get dismissed unless you complete a few challenges that the apps bring you. These challenges will definitely get you out of bed and wake you up before you can complete them. Some of these are solving puzzles, solving math problems, and even taking a selfie.


  1. Looking forward to something in the day

Looking forward to tasty breakfasts, events, catching up plans or even a new shampoo can give you the small motivation you need to get the day rolling. Notice when you’re excited or anxious about something, you are conscious of it and do wake up on time for it, like your exams or birthdays.


  1. Asking for help

Your parents woke you up for school when you were kids, but you might as well learn you’re still a disappointment and need their help. Ask your parents to wake you up for your class. At least they’ll be happy you’re attending it!


  1. Acceptance

Accept you are a failure and the sun isn’t warm enough. Sleep in, miss the class, regret and come back to this article.


Khyati Sanger
[email protected]

Being a student of English Honours at Miranda House, Khyati is easily moved by words. She often writes advisory pieces and loves the investigation that goes into reporting. She worships Mark Manson and holds comedians in the highest esteem in her life. Puppies make her the happiest.

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