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Work from Home: An Ideal Internship

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‘Work from home’ internships are gaining immense popularity among students these days, with an overall rise
in the trend of interning.

As soon as the semester break hits the block, all of us have two things on our mind – the initial socialising with
friends, and chasing after internships. The trend of interning has increased at a tremendous rate within the past
decade, especially in the Indian jobs’ sector. The rise of the ‘work from home’ internships has taken the market by storm.
What exactly is a ‘work from home’ internship?
A ‘work from home’ internship basically delegates the work and functional knowledge to interns who are not
required to come to the workplace every day. They can, as the term says, ‘sit at home’ and do the work at their
own time, pace, and comfort. This is a popular means of internship opportunity among students. First, because it saves a lot of time and money spent on travelling. While some companies prefer to reimburse the travel costs, it still gets to be a hefty affair. Second, with a ‘work from home’ internship, you have the liberty to decide on the duration of the internship as long as you want. With other internships, time is an important factor as the intern is required to report at the workplace and usually preferred during semester breaks. However, with a ‘work from home’ internship,
students find it easier to manage their college and career ambitions together.
Apeksha Jain, a second-year student of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College comments, “I was in a ‘work from home’ internship in my first year when I interned during the semester. Since I am an outstation kid, I prefer being at home during the breaks. It was a very good experience for me, because I could manage my studies and society work along with the work delegated in the internship. I learnt far better this way.”
A lot of start-ups are considering and giving a boost to this form of an internship. While there are major opportunities in ‘work from home’ for fields like content creation and design, other fields like finance or human resource require the intern at the workplace. There are paid internships for students with excellent skills, giving them an added incentive, since they work and earn from an early age. A lot of the times, interns in an in-office internship are primarily engaged in running the errands: the stereotypical grabbing coffee, getting photocopies done, thereby gaining no real workplace exposure, resulting in a sense of demotivation towards interning among students. However, this scene is changing now.
Nikki Chaudhary, a student of Maitreyi College has been working with an educational company for a long time now. She states, “I enjoy working here. I can work at my own pace, but there are deadlines to be adhered to. It doesn’t cause a hindrance to my college schedule. I have got better with time management. I can sit, relax, and work at my own comfort. What more can I ask for!”

There is a huge demand for interns these days. There are user-friendly platforms, primarily for this exchange.
Platforms like LinkedIn, Internshala, and MonsterIndia, constantly update their websites with internship opportunities. Some companies also use the medium of social media to recruit interns.

Evidently, if you are willing to pursue an internship which ensures you are able to balance work commitments
and academics, ‘work from home’ internships are an ideal choice.

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Avnika Chhikara
[email protected]

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