SRCC Professors Get Called by the Government to Edify RBI Recruiters

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Around two to three professors from the paramount DU college will be on their way to Mumbai in April to instruct newly recruited officers who will join the RBI cadre, in the ‘Application of Fundamental Micro – Economics’.

Delhi University’s Shri Ram College of Commerce which successfully held its Economics summit was contacted by the government agencies to send professors to teach and help the new employees of the Reserve bank of India on basic Micro – Economic concepts.
The nation’s no. 1 college for studying economics shows its astonishing stature as it was selected from amongst thousands of options to send two to three professors (who, not decided yet) in the month of April to Mumbai for a 5 – day program. During the duration of the programme, new officers who shall have joined the ranks of the RBI office will be guided and lectured by them in the concepts of micro economics like ‘Demand’, ‘Supply’, ‘Inflation and ‘Depression’.

The principal of the college Dr. Simrit Kaur told The Indian Express, “Since people who are not necessarily economists join the RBI, we were invited for this consultancy programme with them. We have been told to send teachers who are rich in applying these basic theories, which is a requirement for their operations. This will hopefully take the form of a series of training programmes, which will depend on feedback we receive. It is a big honour as an undergraduate college to be invited by RBI for such a programme.”
People who get recruited by RBI come from various different backgrounds like MBA, PGDBA, PGPM, PGDM, and postgraduate degrees in economics and commerce. Some of these recruits don’t necessarily have the understanding of economics needed to function efficiently hence such a plan has come into action.

College authorities said that this is the first time the institute will work with the government in training its employees. Dr. Kaur further shared that various other similar programs are also in the pipeline with the Memorandum of Understandings yet to be signed.

Neither the College Principal nor faculty members were available for a comment.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat

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