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A DU Beat Guide on Flying Past this Semester

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The advent of a new semester is synonymous with fun, more activities, and more opportunities, but it is also marked by stress, pressure, and piling workload. The key is to manage both of them efficiently, and emerge scratch-free on the other side.

A few tips and tricks that need to be kept in mind to meet your goals, and have a successful semester:
1. Attend Classes
Sleeping in, and skipping that 8 a.m. class will be tempting at times, specially during winter when leaving your blanket and getting dressed is a difficult task. Avoid the temptation. Besides gaining new knowledge by attending classes, you’ll also receive vital information from the professors about what to expect in tests, changes in due dates, etc. An increase in attendance means an increased involvement in classwork, thus you won’t be clueless for upcoming tests, internal submissions, and examinations. It also shows your professors the initiative that you are taking, which proves helpful while asking for recommendations. Keep an app or a thorough record of your attendance as a reminder of the number of classes you have, or ought to attend.
2. Organise Yourself
College life is a mixture of social and academic happenings. Don’t tip the balance too far in either direction. However for that, you’ll need a proper organisation method. Get yourself a planner, mark important events date wise, take a note of the number of hours each task entails, and come up with a rough schedule. Plan your study and outing time
in advance, an advice which becomes especially important in the even semester with the number of tests increasing rapidly. Working out a schedule is imperative to enjoy as well as not lag behind in your work.
3. Put In Your 100%
Some students start better than they finish. The ‘fizzle out effect’ is pretty common, which means students put in little effort in the beginning of the semester. However, most courses are ‘backloaded’, that is they need you to put in the effort and make submissions towards the end when most people have already given up. It is essential to distribute your workload throughout the semester to retain the zeal, and spirit one has in the beginning.

4. Stay Healthy
In order to function efficiently and stay fit, it is essential that one takes good care of their health. The semester being
short, strenuous, and full of activity, can affect your health massively. Eating healthy is important, along with cutting
down on junk food, midnight cravings, and exercising regularly. Above all, eight hours of sleep every night must not be compromised with.

5. Stay Positive
It is imperative to have the right sort of attitude in order to succeed and do well. It means trying to see the silver lining, staying confident, believing in yourself, accepting your flaws and shortcomings, and dealing with them with a cool head. It is essential to stay positive, and place a firm belief in your capabilities, to not only do well in academic life, but in daily life as well.

Feature Image Credits: Musings of Jackie Dana

Bhavika Behal
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