The ‘De-facing’ Politics and the ‘defacing’ of Civic Property

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The University Political realm has witnessed rampant venturing of the Legislature in this Academic Session, for reasons closely associated to the ‘marvellous’ acts undertaken by our ‘leaders’.

It’s funny, how during the election season various political manifestos perfume themselves with special French fragrances and attract the multitude, and how, eventually, the entire setup reeks of instances fraught with vices like vandalism, manhandling (I refer to those of the civic property and not the ‘less-important’ instaces like those of the sexual sort), and obviously, ‘poster-painting’ of the Campus walls, sponsored by the candidates themselves. How benevolent of them? What is even more hilarious, is that we are forced to look into the blank ‘imaginary space’, like it happens in films, and are shown fanciful pictures of a bright and ‘clean’ future. Well obviously, the Bus Passes have to be accompanied by vandalising the buses themselves.

In a somewhat-strong move by the Honbl. High Court of Delhi, a legal notice has been issued to the DUSU Chief, former leaders of the DUSU for allegedly defacing Civic Property during the University Polls.

It is a common experience of the University students to find the roads outside their colleges otherwise made out of asphalt, turned white. Snow, you say? You wish! Try something on the lines of bits of paper and petals of marigold, coupled and dashed in various proportions, ‘to obtain the perfect mixture’. Flyway side-walls, Metro Pillars are all ‘stamped’ with names of the candidates for a ‘lasting impression’. Damn, it does work, you know!

In this connection, the Delhi High Court on Tuesday legally sought responses from 15 Delhi University students, including brand names like the current Student Union President Shakti Singh, Secretary Akash Choudhary, allegedly claiming that the men were responsible for civic defacement.

A total of 23 notices were also issued by a bench comprising of Honbl. Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Honbl. Justice V Kameshwar Rao, to the candidates of the 2017 edition of the DUSU Elections, after taking cognizance of the status reports which reflected defacement of civic infrastructure in-spite of regulations made to counter the same.

The order came into being while a court hearing of a plea by Prashant Manchanda, who advocated cancellation of DUSU Elections, the basis of which he claims is the extensive vandalism. Three status reports have been submitted into the Court, which claim outright flouting of the Bombay Defacement Act.

Meanwhile, the representatives appearing from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), claim that no restoration and beautification activities have been undertaken by the 23 candidates, including the former DUSU President Rocky Tuseed.

The Court thus issued a show cause notice to all the students, asking them to disclose the causes owing to which the orders of the court have not been fulfilled. The Court also came down on the Local Police and the Municipal Authorities for their negligence in preventing the defacement.

The next ‘taareekh’ on the case has been fixed on March 18, 2019.


With inputs from external sources.

Feature Image Credits: DNA India

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