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Fest Season through the Eyes of Dramatics Society First Year

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A college festival to a member of a drama society holds a very different connotation and meaning than to an average college student . It means a platform to display their effort and hard work and carve a name for themselves and their society.

An accurate depiction of the what goes through the mind of a first year dramsoc member during fest season, can be seen in the following phases:


1. Initial Infatuation Phase

Ever since the time you enter the society the only word that can sum up your experience  is – awestruck. The idea of making a play, executing it, and getting your first role, are all ecstatic moments for a fresher. You feel you are a part of something big and something important. While trying to imbibe ideas like team spirit and collaboration, which are a hallmark of any dramatics society, you start to learn the art of making sacrifices and placing the societies needs over yours. This initial faze is also marked by friendships with fellow freshers, establishment of hierarchies with seniors, and feeling important because of the new responsibilities you’re faced with.

2. Coping Phase

This is when things start to get a bit harder than you expected. While it includes happy moments such as “opening of your play” or first society trip together it also has moments such as fights over “instrument duties” or losing important stuff. The idea that you get to attend each and every fest, which seemed so amazing at first starts to take toll on you, and all the traveling and the constant hustle gets you. Whether you lose or win, the activity in itself becomes the highlight of your day, and determines your morale for the next performance or the next day. This is also the time when the bubble around you starts to burst and you understand the real struggle of being a drama society member, that you proudly proclaim yourself as.

3. Sinking Phase
This is the phase when the stress starts to take a toll, and you begin to question yourself. This might happen due to a variety of reasons ranging from your rigorous schedule, your inability to give time to your friends outside the society, and the guilt of not having attended any classes. Running the same performance over and over again also adds to the monotony of the routine. Losing or winning suddenly becomes immaterial. It’s actually surprising how you get used to the commotion and the hustle bustle of the fests, almost paying no heed to it.

4. Culmination Phase
This is the time when the routine starts to set in, and you start getting used to all the happenings around you. All you care about is the performance, you’ve bonded enough with your peers and they begin to feel like your real family. The number of fests also start reducing so you get to enjoy here and there. Everything begins spiralling when the season ends, and it’s time to close your play. This performance is packed with nostalgia, and bitter-sweet memories.

The fest season is characterised by its own highs and lows for a ‘dramsoc’ member, it’s not just a place to have fun, but also to learn, grow, and develop oneself. 


Feature Image Credits: DU Beat 

Bhavika Behal

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