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Dyal Singh College’s Principal Locked Out of Own Office

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In a complex situation that sees no end in near future, Dyal Singh (Morning) College stays in confusion.

Delhi University’s Dyal Singh (Morning) College, has been contesting in an unending rift. Reportedly, after joining the college on Friday following a court order, principal Inderjeet Singh Bakshi found his office door locked on Monday, 18th December, again.

Reportedly, the office was sealed late on Sunday night with a note from the officiating chairperson of the governing body(GB), Surajit Dasgupta, stating that it could be opened only after GB gets the order and takes a decision.

To go back a few months into the history of the incident, Bakshi was sent on leave in September by the then GB chairman, Amitabh Sinha, alleging financial irregularities. His office was sealed then.

The principal had sought aid from the Delhi high court and had effectively enforced the GB order to be stayed, with legal aid. “I even worked on Saturday. But late at night on Sunday, I was informed that two students and private guards had entered the college by climbing the gate and sealed my office,” said Bakshi later, who filed a complaint with the local police against the guards and also informed Delhi University.

“I waited for almost two hours. Then in the presence of my staff, the lock was broken and I entered the office.” said Bakshi.

Two academic council members, Pankaj Garg and Ramananda Mayanglambam, have written to VC Yogesh Tyagi against Dasgupta, saying the post of the officiating chairman does not exist as per the ordinance and the statue of DU. However, Dasgupta claimed that in the absence of the chairman, the treasurer officiates.

As students prepare for the upcoming semester, it remains to be seen how the college authorities handle this delicately confusing situation.

With inputs from The Times of India.

DU Beat tried contacting faculty members but they were unavailable for a comment.


Feature Image Credits: India Today

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