DU Student Resists Robbery, Snatcher Caught

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The girl was returning home in an autorickshaw, after having given her semester exam.

On Friday, 14th December 2018, three people tried to snatch a University of Delhi (DU) student’s mobile phone in northeast Delhi’s Khajuri Khas area, police said. She managed to put up a fight, and caught one of them. The student had written her semester paper, and had boarded an auto to return home when the incident took place.

Sonal Shukla, pursuing MCA in the University, lives with her parents in Sonia Vihar. The snatchers were armed with blades, and threatened the student. Nevertheless, she braved them, and got away with minor injuries.

Shukla was sent to a local hospital where she was given first-aid, and later in the day, was discharged. The accused she caught hold of was reported to be a minor according to the police. The identity of the other two is yet to be ascertained, despite the police’s claims to be looking into the matter.

However, incidents like these are frequent especially outside of college campuses. Aashish Jain, a student of Kirori Mal College (KMC) recalls the incident when his mobile phone was snatched. “I was right outside the college gate when I was on a call.” he said, adding that he hadn’t realised that people on motorbikes were keeping a watchful eye on him. “I disconnected the call, and was going to put the phone in my pocket when one of them snatched it from my hand and ran off on their motorbike.”

The students look towards the police for their safety, and college campuses, at least, must be protected areas. However, the callousness of the authorities remains a rather concerning issue for the students and their parents alike. The past record shows numerous such incidents happening, and there seems to be no end to them.

Feature Image Credits: Star of Mysore


Maumil Mehraj

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