Student Alleges Being Wrongfully Detained from Completing Exam

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A Keshav Mahavidyalaya student was recently thrown out of the examination hall on account of the alleged misjudgment of the invigilator.

A University of Delhi (DU) student was recently subjected to misjudgment on account of the invigilator while writing her exam. The student, Shweta Yadav is from Keshav Mahavidyalaya and was writing her accounts examination when the examiner wronged her for cheating and snatched the paper away, fifteen minutes prior to the completion time.

According to Shweta, it all started when the student was asked to fill up the details and tie the supplementary answer script by the invigilator. Upon constant insistence, she did the necessary. The student had done some rough work on the question paper, which was objected by the invigilator. However, instead of a warning, her paper was snatched and she was asked to leave the examination hall with the invigilator’s assertion that, “tumhe pata haina paper par nahi likhte? Ab nikal jao ho gaya paper”. The student stated this as she had to leave a 27 mark question due to the ruckus.

Image Credits: Shweta Yadav
Image Credits: Shweta Yadav

The student was sitting on the first bench and she informed that there was no scope of cheating or exchanging of papers. She did not even have the intention to do so. The rough work was a simple mathematical calculation done in a hurry. Despite apologizing to the invigilator, the student was not given her answer script back, and was asked to leave the premises of the examination hall that very moment. The invigilator was from the Mathematics department of the college.

Shweta mentions she has had a word with a member of CYSS regarding this issue right after the examination ended.
She also adds that she hasn’t received any information from the administration and the concerned invigilator, but the Students Union is aware of this situation and has enquired her to look upon a solution for this.

The wrongful harassment on account of examination invigilators should be kept in check, and brought into the limelight. The college student unions should be more assertive in their role and attend the discrepancies faced on account of the students.


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Avnika Chhikara

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