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DSJ Student Detained from Appearing for Semester Exams

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Delhi School of Journalism has once again made the headlines, amid malpractice controversies and protests.

The students of Delhi School of Journalism have been visibly agitated this semester: the campus has seen discontent escalate into protests, violence and unwarranted disciplinary actions. The frustration stems from poor infrastructure facilities, unavailability of the media labs, edit bays, cameras- which had been promised in the prospectus. The fee structure is unusually high, which doesn’t help the students.

The students of Delhi School of Journalism organised a Chhatra Sangarsh Rally on 25th September 2018 in North Campus of the University. The rally came three days after the students broke off the four-day long hunger strike after getting written assurance for the fulfilment of their promises. The students demanded a lower fee structure, funds from the University Grants Commission, basic facilities, media lab and ICT Centre, financial transparency, faculty on regular basis, and the right to dissent.

The students now allege concerted attempts on behalf of the authorities to ‘silence dissent’. This comes following unfair suspensions of several students. The student fraternity of DSJ has released a plea for help, citing the example of a student who is facing severe hardships at the hands of the authorities. Ambuj Bharadwaj, a second year student from DSJ has been suspended without reasonable grounds. He was a prominent face of the Stand With DSJ cause, and had previously been unlawfully detained by Delhi Police.The students have filed several pleas with the college Review Committee, which includes the Director of the college, Prof. J.P. Dubey. Mr. Dubey has been accused of acting vengefully and with disregard for student welfare. The student’s wishes have not yet been addressed, and Ambuj continues to miss his semester examinations, as the authorities conveniently postpone a judgement. 


Feature Image Credits: Financial Express

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