Precautions Before Taking Your First Drinks

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 Your first drinking session can be a super exciting milestone in your life. However, for no regrets, it is advisable to take care of a few things so that you can have fun, responsibly.

  • Make sure you are with trusted people

Since it can be a little risky getting drunk for the first time when you don’t know your own capacity or tendencies, make sure you get your most trusted people to be with you for the first time. You might go out of your wits and you’ll need somebody to take your home and hold your hair while you puke.

  • Make sure that you are at a safe place.

You should be at a safe place, preferably home, for the first drinks. A nights stay is the best for it! You would need a certain comfort to make all kinds of faces and comments about your experience. Also, if you lose consciousness, its always better to have easy provisions for resting rather than later, rushing to a safer place for comfort.

  • Know about the drinks

You must be aware about the drinks, how they taste and how must they be taken before you actually hit the place! You would be able to flaunt how much you know about it and would also be able to make the correct decisions about what to consume, when. It also helps in deciding to mix your drinks well and you would be a little mentally prepared about what to expect out of the drinks.

  • Don’tdeliberately try to GET drunk, just yet.

It is only fine to get drunk but not just yet! Don’ hurry! Get some lemon or some heavy food along with your drinks. Your first experience must be actually experiencing the taste of the drinks consciously rather than it being a night you don’t remember. Gather a little self-control! Pick your favorites later and get drunk on them if you like! But, for now, you could go slow and actually experience the moment!

  • Be prepared! Your dreams may shatter!

You may have really high expectations and hopes about your drinks since everyone around you is always going bonkers over them! However, remember, it might seem overrated when you actually experience it yourself! The beer that people bond over might taste like piss and that is just fine! Some people will tell you that you need to “develop” your taste for the drinks. However, if you don’t want to, be vocal about it and do not judge yourself! Just pour in some Sprite, pretend its vodka and Cheers!


Feature Image Credits: Unsplash

Khyati Sanger
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