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31 October in DU: The Fear of College

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As exciting as college is, there are some downsides to it as well. Sometimes it is too much pressure. Or is it the case always? Let us explore this. 

31 October 2018 is a special day because it is Halloween. But the speciality of the day is in the idea that it is meant to celebrate fear and in that, it is meant to help us learn to stay strong through the moments of fear. Fear is a complex emotion, to say the least. It takes away all our initiative when it strikes. But sometimes it works in the opposite direction too. All of us would relate with the fact that we as students cannot work unless we have the fear of deadlines seeing as how many of us write our assignments on the last date of submission. So maybe fear works to create this productivity for us. But there are some fears that can never work in a positive way.  These fears feed on you. And burdened by such elements, we see ourselves plummeting to a swift doom. The aforementioned fears are the fears of seclusion, anxiety and judgement in college. All of us have felt them. In fact, we have lived them. As distressed as they make us, they also work some lessons into us. These lessons are often not registered by us.

Everyday is a mounting challenge for us when we do not recognize the importance of our beliefs. Our ideals are not necessarily always  extensive or  accurate, but these beliefs will make us  learn to hold on to ourselves. And that is what we must do, when we feel secluded. At times, we feel dejected and abandoned. But more often than not, this feeling of being lost comes of its own accord. It is in these times that we fail to recognize the companionship of our friends because we are broken by the ignorance of an indifferent acquaintance. It appears that the arbitrary opinions of a person weigh us down too much. So much so that we restrain ourselves from a social background and accept seclusion as the way of life. It happens that seclusion is inflicted by others. But in that moment, whom do you latch on to? The model fear or of hope? Answer yourself. You will probably answer in favour of the latter, and that is when you know you have won the battle with seclusion.

Dr. Jennifer Guttman, a clinical psychologist and cognitive-behaviorist in one of her videos says, “Whether it be dealing with something you are avoiding or overcoming an insecurity, facing your fears is important when it comes to getting the most out of life.”

It is natural for us to feel out of place, anxious, and even fear the judgement that surrounds us. People can hold prejudices close to themselves about you despite all your efforts to put your best foot forward. This disappointing truth sometimes takes away our incentive to work in a social construct. Forcing us to withdraw to such a state of being self-cornered, this fear can wreak great havoc in our lives. But then, it is a choice. A choice to fall prey to this deception of fear would ultimately mean the end of a lot of opportunities. So when you are facing fear next time, remember what Halloween teaches us.

Remember that fear makes the wolf look bigger than he is. Remember that “Fear makes you a prisoner, Hope sets you free.”

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Kartik Chauhan

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Journalism has been called the “first rough draft of history”. D.U.B may be termed as the first rough draft of DU history. Freedom to Express.

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