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In an effort to ensure hygiene in terms of food preparation, the administration of Gargi College has tied up with the management of Diggin, Chanakyapuri, making it the official caterer for the college canteen.

Nootan Mishra, Vice Principal of Gargi, was quoted by DU Beat as saying, “Our administration had been facing multiple issues in terms of hygiene with our previous caterers. The consumption of such food led to multiple cases of students falling sick or getting food poisoning. The college has also received complaints from worried parents and it is our responsibility to provide food that is safe for consumption.”

As per the contract, Diggin would be providing all the items previously sold at the canteen, at subsidised prices. Vishal Katooni, Vice President of the Diggin Management says, “Our aim is to provide DU students with healthy and tasty food at affordable prices. For the first few months, we will be experimenting with our menus to see what suits their appetite best.” The contract has officially been signed for one year after which it will be renewed, depending upon the response of the students.

Vania Verma, President of Gargi College’s student union, says, “I’m really glad to bring this change during my tenure. I hope this venture becomes successful and the students feel satisfied with the services.” Rahina Sharma, a first-year student of B.A. (Hons.) Mathematics at Gargi College, says, “As I stay in a PG, it becomes very difficult for me to bring a tiffin and the food in our canteen used to be so unhygienic. I’m really looking forward to this change since I wouldn’t have to worry about my meals now.” The catering is expected to begin from 1st November 2018. Till then, the Nescafe stall would be stocked with all the items of need.

Tihana Verma, a second-year student of B.Com. (Hons.) from Kamala Nehru College, says, “It’s really unfair that Gargi College is getting such catering services and not Kamala Nehru. I urge our administration to take the same step.”

Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only meant to be appreciated and not accepted.

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