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5 Tips to Help You Ace Internals This Semester

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As the internals roll by, managing time becomes increasingly difficult. The pressure of assignments, exams, and practicals starts setting in, and time management takes a back seat.

In order to be productive and meet deadlines, time management is an essential tool. The concept may sound fascinating, but the actual task is harder than it seems.

Here are a couple of tricks to manage time successfully:


  1. Be Realistic in Setting Goals.

Setting goals is easy, but following through with them proves to be extremely difficult. Human nature dictates a sense of overachievement, which is not always practical, and may end with disappointment. Setting realistic goals is a better way to start the process of task achievement, or improvement. Smaller tasks spaced over a period of time are more likely to get completed, and reduce last minute anxiety.


  1. Make a P.O.A (Plan Of Action)

Instead of making a timetable, make a plan of action. While the two may not vary from each other in terms of similarity, the term “plan of action” tricks your brain into believing this new phrase will help put into motion the required work to be completed. Insead of assigning slots of time, a simple list with the work to be completed in a particular day can be made, with no time constraints for each task.


  1. Create a Routine

A proper routine wherein everyday tasks follow a set pattern, helps bring order to a chaotic state of mind and body. Insufficient sleep, “impairs the ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system, and to moderate emotions.”,  according to the World Health Organisation. Receiving enough sleep, along with moderate daily exercise and proper meals, can improve work productivity significantly.


  1. Cut Out Junk Food


“Food is like a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain”

-Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, Professor of neurosurgery and physiological science at UCLA.

Believe it or not, but cutting out junk food can actually help you manage your time better. Junk food is known to decrease concentration levels, and thus inhibit the ability to complete tasks on time. By reducing the consumption of fast food, or junk food, and increasing the intake of healthy food which contains substances like omega-3 fatty acids, (found in walnuts, soyabean etc) brain functioning can be boosted, and as a consequence, time can be better managed.


  1. Say No to Your Phone

Not fiddling with your phone while working is almost impossible in a realistic scenario, so instead, using apps like digital detox, lock you out of your phone until a pre decided time. The app allows you to set a time before which you are not allowed to use your phone, other than an allotted amount of breaks. You can choose the degree of difficulty in your app blockers, starting with apps that only give warnings, to apps that ask for money to unlock the phone before the designated time.


Time management is crucial to maintain an optimum workflow and keep stress and anxiety at bay. Putting even some of these tips and tricks to work, can help bring ease to daily functioning and increase productivity.


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Meher Gill

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A soon-to-be third year Commerce student at Jesus and Mary College. Can be found browsing quizzes on Slideshare or re-reading the Harry Potter series for the nth time. To discuss the insipidness of life or if in need of any assistance, drop a "hi" at [email protected]. (fun facts and interesting leads are always appreciated)

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