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Dyal Singh College in Crisis: Principal’s office sealed

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Dyal Singh College faces a big administrative crisis as the Principal’s office gets sealed over ongoing probe on financial and administrative irregularities.


Dyal Singh College, faces a big crisis as a part of the ongoing tussle between the Principal and the Chairman. It all started when, on September 24, 2018, Governing Body [GB] chairman Mr. Amitabh Sinha issued an order, sending the Principal on a ‘long leave’. The reason stated was alleged him of being guilty for the financial and administrative irregularities. The Principal, I.S. Bakshi was charged with serious allegations regarding the state of financial and administrative irregularities and was asked to avoid visiting campus during the inquiry against him. Despite the notice, Bakshi has been continued coming to college, chiding the allegations as “illegal” with mala fide intentions.

The tussle grew stronger when the Chairman overturned the decision of the college’s Election Committee to cancel the election of Rohan Awana, an ABVP member, as president.

Things escalated as Mr. Sinha sealed his office on Friday, claiming it had been occupied ‘without authority’. The Principal also received a letter from the college’s bank stating that no transactions will be processed with his signature, as they have been mandated by the GB to conduct all official transactions through the officiating or the acting principal.

In a letter addressed to the chairman dated October 10th 2018, the branch manager of State Bank of India, Lodhi Road stated that the appointment of the acting principal should be done in accordance with the prescribed guidelines of the Ordinance XVIII which states that in absence of the Principal, the vice-principal will act as the principal, and in the vice-principal’s absence, the most-senior teacher will take over the administration and financial duties. This stands for colleges other than those that are maintained by the Government Of India.

According to a report in Jagran Josh, the tussle between the Principal and Chairman is reportedly causing financial losses to employees. DSC teachers’ Association’s president PK Parihar stated that the money is not being transferred into their PF account because of which they are losing interest and the medical reimbursement of all, especially the pensioners, is under threat.

Following the sealing of the office, Bakshi will be allowed inside the college campus only after the convener of the inquiry committee, Mr. OP Malik, retired IPS officer and DGP, provides written information, according to recent sources on the issue.

Sources: The Indian Express, Jagran Josh

Feature Image Credits:  The Hindu, image of the notice from the college’s official website


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