Auburn Umbrella: The Colour Purple

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Colour giant, Pantone, has declared Purple as the colour of the year 2018.

Purple is often associated with novelty, luxury and extravagance and is said to exuberate a certain aura of power. The colour comes in several variations of shades, to fit every occasion and mood, be it lilac, lavender or violet, making it extremely versatile. The colour has been donned by some of the most well-known celebrities in the world, like Priyanka Chopra and Victoria Beckham.

Here are a few ways you can really pep up your wardrobe by incorporating the colour purple in it:

  • Signature rings and earrings

Rings are something that never go out of style. Oversized rings for casual wear, or purple studded statement rings that are perfect for the evening, can up your accessory game by several notches. Subtle lilac earrings shaped as roses, or for a flashier look, purple danglers inlaid with stones, will provide the perfect pop of colour and style.

  • Purple hair colour

Dip dyes, streaks, ombre and balayage are the most popular hair colouring techniques in today’s day and age. For all this who are into experimenting with hairstyles, and going crazy with hair colour, purple as a hair colour might just be what you need to add that extra oomph factor. It not only blends well with dark hair colours but even suits the Indian skin tone fabulously.

  • Sundresses

When we think of sundresses, we think of colours like yellow, often not paying heed to the rest of the colours. However, the idea of a sundress in lilac or lavender sounds like an interesting way to liven up your day. Team it up with a casual pair of white sandals for a perfect brunch look, or layer it with with a neutral toned sweater or shrug, to cheat a windy day.

  • Nail art

Nail art with subtle hues of lavender, or contrasting shades of violet, can be a great way to style your nails. Purple glittery nails to jazz up a dark evening outfit is a fun look for a night out.

There are plenty of ways in which one can incorporate this regal colour into their outfits. Experiment around, and find out what suits you best. After all, purple is the new black.


Feature Image Credits: That Boho Girl

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