Two brothers shot dead by Swami Shraddhanand College Student

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A beating of a BA Programme student took an ugly turn when the same student ended up embroiled in a double murder case.

Swami Shraddhanand College is a humble little education institution of the University of Delhi, located in the northwestern part of the capital. However, times have been harsh as a student from the college stands accused for the murder of two brothers in Haryana.

Every such killing is based on a motive. The motive, in this case, was the common pick, revenge. Apparently, 20-year-old Anshu who was pursuing a degree of BA Programme from the abovementioned college was beaten black and blue by the brothers in his native village. Apart from physical pain, Anshu also had to face the spite and laughs of the villagers. Residing in Sonepat, the police recently apprehended the murderer in Najafgarh.

For finishing off the two targeted “Haryanvi Gracchus brothers”, Anshu sought the help of five others, who were apprehended before by the Haryana Police. A 7.65 mm pistol was the weapon of choice for this coordinated attack.

The original target was Aashish who had first thrashed Anshu, inciting anger and revenge in him. Things took an unexpected turn when Aashish’s brother Himanshu jumped into the scene to protect him, which ended with both the brothers being shot to death at close range.

After a series of interrogations by the Dwarka Police, media received the statement that Anshu had turned to the dark side while studying in the presence of many anti-social elements in his milieu. This along with many such similar incidents of students being involved in heinous activities raises the concern for curbing hooliganism and associated evils, at least in campuses, where students come with the hope for flowing with the waves of success and not drowning in pools of blood.

Feature Image Credits: Swami Shraddhanand College

Shaurya Thapa

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