Bazinga: University Directs Colleges to Have Official Field Trips

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It comes as a gift to the students that the University has directed all the affiliated colleges to make proper arrangements for Official Field Trips during the mid-semester break in every session.
The University of Delhi has always been up-to-date with trends set by the private universities. Be it the incorporation of technology, or the introduction of more “vocational” courses, the University has had a knack for them, even if under the influence of private universities.
This time, however, the University has gone a step ahead with modernisation. It has released a notice that has asked the colleges and concerned departments to organise official trips around the mid-semester break. In order to ensure the accessibility of these trips to all the students, the trips shall have financial backing from the University and shall be advanced to the students at fairly lucrative prices. The Ministry of Tourism has agreed to sponsor the finances behind this move.
The decision comes after a petition was submitted by DU Beat and 32 travelling societies of Delhi University colleges, demanding the field trips to

be an official phenomenon on the pan-University level. “We perceived the anguish that the students faced because of the unofficial

field trips. Those who did not go for the trips would go for the classes, thereby, ruining mass bunk for everyone. We then tried to analyse the reasons
behind this. We figured that those who won’t go did so for two reasons. Either they felt the amount being charged was too high, or they were afraid of missing classes. It was then that we decided to put in this petition, making this an official affair. Therefore, no more failed mass bunks, no more hung-over classes, from now on it’s going to be pure fun,” says Sharvi Maheshwari, the Human Resource Department head of DU Beat and the President of DU Travel Rights Foundation, who came up with the idea of filing the petition.
Now, not only have the field trips been legalised, but the University has also been gracious enough to give out a list of “appreciated places for field trip
visits”, which includes places like Goa, Gangtok, Kullu, Manali, Shimla, among many others. According to sources, Kasol shall also be added in the list
soon. This has brought about a wave of happiness amongst the students. They have already partied with the money they had saved for the trip after stumbling upon this news.
Disclaimer: Bazinga is our weekly column of almost believable fake news. It is only to be appreciated and not accepted.
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Aashish Jain

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