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Questions Raised on DU LLB Entrance Exam After Results Declaration

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Majority of the exams that are organised on a Pan-India level under the aegis of the Government eventually expose these lacunas. Be it tampering with the answer scripts, use of illegitimate means in the examination centres, name anything that is illegal and you’ll find it on the list.

The DU L.L.B Entrance Test, organised by the University of Delhi (DU), was done through the process of outsourcing firm “Aptech,” which was recently alleged to be responsible for the alleged faulty conduction of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) entrance exams. The firm was responsible to organise the Rajasthan Constable Recruitment exam, which had to be postponed because of the bust of an alleged paper-leak racket right before the exam. The alleged legal proceedings against the firm for these cases hadn’t even died down, when the firm was chosen to conduct the Law-course entrance examination of DU.

It was for the first time this year that the University administration made a switch from the pen-and-paper examination system to the online examination set-up. More than 15,000 students are alleged to be affected because of the faulty procedures, such as marksheet tampering, incorporated by the firm, because of which the students are said to have lost up to 100 marks, which became evident when the results were announced on 11th July. Due to this, 22 pupils filed a writ petition, requesting the quash of the exams and their subsequent results to nothing.

After the petition was filed, the first hearing was supposed to be carried out on 1st August 2018.  The University administration had been ordered to file in a response at the court on 7th September 2018. The failure on the University’s part to do this, has postponed the date for hearing to 26th September 2018.

The legal provisions of the tender, legibly quote that in the event of poor performance records on the part of the bidder, the Tender shall stand null-and-void. However, Aptech was allowed to conduct the exam even after a seemingly poor record.

It is alleged by the petitioners, that they were kept misinformed about the provision of the “Audit-Copy,” that records the exact time when the candidate marks or unmarks the answer to a question in the exam. Some students’ alleged activity through their accounts after the exam was over; others say that the date for the announcement of results was first postponed from 4th July to 11th July, 2018. Even on 11th July, the results were uploaded and taken down thrice before they were finally made accessible to the students.

According to the students who gave the exam, not only were they asked to sit wherever they felt like, the biometric verification was carried out after the examination was over.

DU Beat tried to contact the administration for a comment on this issue, but they were unavailable for the same.


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