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Know Your Candidate: AISA-CYSS

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With DUSU Elections nearing its culmination soon, it becomes imperative for voters to realise the importance their vote holds. Read on the manifestos of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates from AISA-CYSS to know more about the contenders!


Candidate for President: Abhigyan

Abhigyan Devyani Gandhi now identifies
himself as Abhigyan because, he shared
with DU Beat, his parents could not decide which surname- maternal or paternal to bound him to. This non-conventional fundamental of his upbringing seems to affect a lot of his individuality too.

As a first-year student of Political Science
at Ramjas College, this Presidential candidate of the AISA-CYSS alliance was home-schooled for three years till grade four, and changed multiple schools because he and his parents realised the
flaws in Indian schooling, which we bring to debate in 2018. As the child of a single mother, Abhigyan has spent a long part of his life understanding the strength in individuality and independence, and yet this Jaipuriya feels that ‘politics’ is a medium to influence, to change, to prosper through
the actions of a team which don’t succeed
well enough in isolation. When asked what he, as an individual, brings to the University of Delhi, he said that there is an ideology, a process, and a motivation each candidate can bring, but there is an undeniable need for unity and

The ideology of change drives Abhigyan when he says that the most pressing issues which he hopes to resolve include- student accommodation, freedom of expression, Internal Complaints’ committee (ICC), and gender equality.
Giving anecdotes from his own tryst with
the taboos surrounding conversations
on sex and sexual harassment, Abhigyan
vehemently opposes the curb on the
freedom of expression, especially in
educational spaces. By recognising
these issues, it’s striking to note that he
acknowledges his privileges and has an
insight on those unprivileged students
who suffer due to the limited space in
As a central university, he believes,
DU must have better ways to embrace
diversity- gender, social, cultural, and
financial, to become accessible. On the note of accessibility as a student politician, Abhigyan revealed that he wishes to start a campaign called ‘Aao
gumm baantte hain’ to have dialogues
on grassroots problems which affect the
larger dynamics of our education.

Visitingdifferent colleges, he shared, has made him aware of the fortune and privilege North Campus enjoys, in terms of infrastructure, faculty, dialogue, etc. which must extend to all the institutes of education.With a sense of humour, he told DU Beat that he doesn’t plan on leaving Ramjas for the next three years, and this makes him accountable, visible, and reachable to the en masse.

Initially skeptical about the campaigning,
Abhigyan hopes to eradicate the non-
inclusive, polarising, hostile, and dissent-
averse nature of the process and of
politics by pursuing a Doctorate, becoming an academician, and participating in revolutionary, educated politics.“Come on the streets, come out in the heat. There’s no education confined to the classrooms of DU. There’s a lot of fun in bringing change through the streets,” Abhigyan said and then added his ballot number at the end in his witty undertone.

Candidate for the Post of Vice President: Anshika Singh

A student of Dyal Singh College, Anshika
Singh is standing from the AISA-CYSS panel in the Delhi University Students’ Union elections, for the post of Vice-President. Emphasising on the day-to-day problems students face, she wishes to solve student issues effectively, on a priority basis. In her campaign, she highlights the need to focus on women empowerment, by pointing out the lack of special busses, lack of hostels, and infrastructure for the female students of DU. Adding to the lack of infrastructure
in the varsity, she also speaks actively about the shortage of reading material,
resources, and books in the college
libraries. She aims to bring forward issues that she, herself, has faced as a student, and provide constructive solutions for them. Anshika also vehemently condemns the popular opposition parties, who, in her beliefs, have only used the platform of DUSU to advance their own political careers, rather than actually producing anything constructive from holding office,
as stated by her on multiple social media


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