Bazinga – Seventh Pay Commission Implemented For DU Teachers

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A long drawn struggle culminated with the authorities implementing the seventh pay commission. Vice Chancellor, Rajeev Javedkar announced the 7th pay commission for all teachers of University of Delhi (DU). The commission would provide a 9% increase in the pay of all teachers.

The director of the Remuneration Managerial Board (RMB), in his statement, said that the government had increased their budget since March. If rather than disrupting classes and protesting, had DUTA tabled a proposal for overall development in a peaceful manner, the issue would have been dealt with earlier. The statement did stir some irritation and unrest among certain teachers, however a predominant feeling of happiness that came after a long successful struggle. Professor Zoya Chaudhry, a Political Science teacher from Lady Shri Ram College For Women said, “Despite being nation builders and educators, our salaries don’t even allow us to access basic amenities, a pay hike at this point is just and a necessity.”

While the mood of the teaching faculty was quite jubilant, a wide range of opinion was brought on the platter by the students. While a number of them sympathise with the teachers, their cause, and talked about how the university needs to further better their conditions, a large number of them were on the opposite end of the spectrum. They felt that teachers bunked classes, weren’t serious about coursework or attendances, barely taught them anything and had a casual attitude so they didn’t understand what the pay hike was for. Sukeerat Kaur Channi, a student of Sri Venkateshwara college stated, “I’m a regular college student yet I’m unaware of who my literature teacher is. An increase in their pay might just encourage this callous attitude.” Yet no talk of mobilisation has come up among those who disagree with this move.

A number of college teachers expressed their jubilation by talking about it in lectures, holding seminars explaining their struggle, having discussions and put across their views regarding the whole saga. The success of this protest has, however, become an inspiration for another section of Delhi university employees, which is the workers and peons in various college. Extremely distressed with their low pays and lack of incentives and services for them, looking up to the success of the teachers’ pay raise, a number of unions have initiated talks to mobilise themselves in a similar manner and push forth their cause to better their lifestyle.

Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express

Bhavika Behal
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