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Auburn Umbrella: How to Dress to Meet Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Parents

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Meeting your better half’s parents for the first time is a big step in a relationship. By doing so, you’re saying that you’re ready to solidify your relationship. 

Like in a job interview, the stakes here are high. The last thing you want when you are in the middle of such a situation is to worry about your clothes. Your style is something that should offer confidence, not be a hassle.

Here are a few tips that will make your partner’s parents remember you for all the right reasons.
Consider the Context

Dressing appropriately for the occasion and location is important. For women, if you’re going to a midday brunch and you are not sure how ‘dressy’ the crowd will be, avoid the backless dress and gold hoop earrings. And men should not whip out a three piece suit and tie if they are meeting their partner’s parents at Big Chill Café. But if they are going to a slightly fancier place, then they need to do better than jeans and a t-shirt.
Go Classic

If you’re meeting your boyfriend’s parents, don’t let your outfit be dictated by the trends. Turn to your ethnic wear essentials for the big day. Whether you like it or not, in India, timeless pieces such as a kurti and a pair of leggings would say you’re in for the long haul whereas giving in to trends might make you seem flighty. For men, jeans and a plain, perfectly clean, white buttoned t-shirt or an elegant white kurta is a look that is classic.
Familiar Footwear

Fancy or new shoes can be uncomfortable and make you wobble. Therefore, it is a wise move to have footwear which feels familiar. For men, a simple pair of loafers will look good. Above all, make sure to have matching socks underneath. And women may leave their 5-inch heels which can make them twist their ankles at home and should instead settle for ballet flats or kolhapuris. That should finish their look nicely.

A Cautionary Note on Accessorizing

For women, it can be tempting to opt for all their best jewellery when meeting the parents. But wearing too many accessories or jewellery that is gaudy or flashy can be a distraction. Simple earrings or a necklace will make a good impression.
You can also complement the outfit with a simple metallic or leather strapped watch.
While clothes definitely play a role in the impression that your beau’s parents form about you, what’s more important is how you behave. Nothing will knock their socks off like a confident, polite, self-assured, and well-mannered person.


Feature Image Credits: That Boho Girl.

Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak

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