A Tribute To Enid Blyton

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‘Leave something for someone but don’t leave someone for something’. And true to her words, Enid Blyton left millions of children and adolescents a legacy. She left to us and for generations to come worlds full of magic, wonder, nail-biting mysteries, the most loveable characters and taught lessons that one would cherish for a lifetime. 

Her books, which have sold more than 600 million copies, have been among the world’s best-sellers since the 1930s. As a kid, every one of us has spent hours pouring over her prolific works. Here’s a trip down the memory lane to pay a tribute to some of her classic writings.

The Famous Five
The novels feature the adventures of a group of five young children named Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina (George),  and their dog Timmy. The stories take place in the children’s holidays after they have returned from their boarding schools. The five get caught in numerous adventures involving criminals, lost treasure, camping etc. The five first meet at George’s picturesque house, Kirrin Cottage, located on Kirrin Island. Blyton intended to write only six or seven novels but owing to the massive success, she wrote twenty-one full-length novels. The book received its name after the ninth novel. Till then, it was known as The ‘Fives’ book.

The Secret Seven
Unlike most other series written by Blyton, this one takes place during the school term and not during the holidays. The characters of this detective series are Peter (the society’s head), Janet (Peter’s Sister), Jack, Barbara, George, Pam, and Colin. Jack’s annoying sister Susie and her best friend Binkie often make appearances in the books. They seem to hate the Secret Seven but at the same time, they have a strong desire to be a part of the society. The young detectives meet in a shed with the words S.S painted on it. Peter, the society head, makes everyone obey the rules and remember passwords. Whilst wolfing down rock caves and drinking lemonades, the seven solve mysteries and issues in their local community.

Malory Towers
The series is based on Benenden School, a girls’ boarding school that Blyton’s daughter attended. The books revolve around Darell Rivers, a twelve-year-old, who is eager to enter a new life in school. Although she has a turbulent beginning, she ends up making friends with Sally Hope. Throughout her school life, her hot temper gets her more than once. The series, which is a set of six books, culminates with her leaving for the University of St. Andrews as her younger sister joins the same school.

Originally published between 1949 and 1963, Noddy is a masterpiece created by Enid Blyton. The first book explains Noddy’s origins. He was made by a woodcarver in a toy store but ran away later. As he wanders through the woods without clothes, money or home, he meets Big Ears, a sort of hobgoblin. Big Ears thinks that Noddy is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland. Television shows based on the character have run on British television since 1955 and continue to appear to this day.


Feature Image Credits: The Enid Blyton Society

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