Four Things Every Student Should Take Away From Karwaan

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‘Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar, Log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya’(I started all alone towards the goal but people kept joining and it began to turn into a caravan.) These lines by Majrooh Sultanpuri, painted on the walls of Shaukat (Irrfan Khan)’s blue van speak a lot about what Akarsh Khurana’s Karwaan revolves around. The movie, released on 3rd August, has grossed over Rs. 12.50 crores till now. Its story revolves around the intricacies of human relationships and the complexities of our choices. The movie’s aesthetic revolves around an unconventional road trip, Prateek Kuhad’s soulful music, Shaukat’s blue van, a rebellious teenager right out of a hangover, the peril of human choices, and the backdrop of the most scenic places in the South of India. Avinash, played by Dulquuer Salmaan, is an unsatisfied employee at an IT firm in Bangalore, who gets a call about his father’s death in a bus accident. He travels with his companion, Shaukat (Irrfan Khan) from Bangalore to Kochi to retrieve his father’s corpse. On their way, they pick up Tanya (Mithila Palkar), a troubled teenager, full of character and rebellion, ready to take on the world in her own ways. Sometimes getting lost is the best way to find yourself. This lies at the heart of Karwaan, as three flawed, complex characters take on this journey, with bumps of its own, and find themselves along the way. This beautiful movie has a lot to offer, from realisations about the mortality and unpredictability of life to a closer look at the complexities of human emotions, and the courage required to embrace fresh starts.  A few lessons that a student should take away from this heart-warming tale are: Difference between rebellion and stupidity Tanya’s character, flawed in its own way,  reflects upon the millennials today. Avinash, though a little conservative in his personality (reflects the opinions of his father), does open her up to understanding the difference between bagaawat(rebellion) and bewaquoofi (stupidity). The former being a drive for change, and the latter only bringing destruction in its path. Always choose passion Avinash works in a dead-end job in an IT firm in Bangalore and shares a strained relationship with his father, blaming him for not letting him follow his dream of becoming a photographer. He resents his father for charting out a career path for him that leaves him unhappy and unsatisfied. The journey reminds him of his love for photography and makes him want to forgive his father for not understanding. Life is short, live it more often The movie begins with the untimely demise of Tanya’s grandmother and Avinash’s father. Avinash’s father dies with a heavy heart and a letter full of regrets. It makes you reflect on the unpredictability of life and how there are so many things we should say when we have the chance, and time to. Have more courage! Even though Irrfan Khan is struggling from a debilitating disease, he’s still the most vibrant, energetic and quick-witted Shaukat that the movie could have asked for. His convincing performance and humour bring life to the journey. If there is something that everyone should take away from this story, is how courage is grace under fire and the only way out is through. Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express Muskan Sethi [email protected]]]>

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