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What To Expect From Your First Internship

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When we go for our first internship, chances are we would be nervous plus excited about the work and the atmosphere of our workplace. It is beneficial to arm yourself with the knowledge of what to expect out of the internship so that you are not caught off guard. Here is a list of the same.

  1. To learn some ‘inside tricks’

If you are interning in a particular field, you will inevitably learn some tricks that only the professionals in that field are aware of. A layman or a college society would not be able to teach you these ‘inside tricks’. For example, hacks on how to identify and tackle a company’s jargon as a journalist.

  1. To grow your network

You must expect to grow your network from your first internship. You now in contact with the people of the company that you are interning with. Your network has already grown. You will also create contacts with the ‘customers’ of these companies. For example, you might get in contact with a known industrialist who needs to be interviewed for the newspaper you are working with.

  1. To be heavily overloaded

Expect to be slogging at your first internship if you take it seriously. This your the first experience of being in an office and contributing to run a company. Whatever work you will be given would feel like a ‘burden’. This will happen particularly for two reasons. One, the task will be new to you as you try to figure out what exactly is expected out of you. Two, the work might be more than what a typical college student can do.  Nevertheless, go on even when you want to quit the most and you’ll be the proudest at the end of this tunnel!

  1. To get freelancing/permanent job

If you work well, the company wouldn’t hesitate to give you freelancing or even a permanent job if you are in the last year of your college. It is so because they have invested their money, time, and energy in you and have made you capable of the output that is expected out of you. It is definitely more feasible for them to continue with you rather than going through this process all over again with somebody else. Therefore, if you do the work well, chances are you might get hired!

  1. To take a certain pride

This is your time to take pride in yourself! Expect your first internship to fill you with a confidence you have not seen before. You must earn your first stipend for this internship. To be able to show off the economic value of your services will definitely make you feel good about yourself! However, even if you don’t earn from your internship, your contribution to the company in the form of your work, ideas, and initiatives will also be a badge you can wear on your sleeve. The social validation will make you smile. Not to mention the fact that your CV will love it, too!

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Khyati Sanger

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Being a student of English Honours at Miranda House, Khyati is easily moved by words. She often writes advisory pieces and loves the investigation that goes into reporting. She worships Mark Manson and holds comedians in the highest esteem in her life. Puppies make her the happiest.

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