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How to Break the Ice and Make New Friends as a Fuccha

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Want to be the Fuccha who is outgoing and energetic and makes new friends just in time for Freshers? Well here are a few ways to make it happen. 

Everyone is a little freaked out and jittery, at the start of something new. As you say goodbyes to hemline skirts and tiring ties college opens arms to you not only as a whole new set, but as a great exposure to seize and realize your ambitions. Most of us are nervous during the initial days of college,  especially for those who are new to the city. However, there is little to fear. If there’s one way to overcome your fears is to stand out and be proactive. Take the first step. Be the fearless person, and resonate.

Everyone in your class is new to college like you are.  So here are a few tips and tricks for the fresher’s as well as for the seniors to delve into a good interaction.

  • A hello goes a long way

A simple salutation, but has a vast vast effect. This was the same hello which you kept hidden from your crush in high school, or the hello which could solve old problems. Say bye to all of that now. A simple hello is a flag wave for initiation of a conversation. And since you have all been through the school and admission process think of all the small talk you can achieve on the first day. So don’t shy away from the opportunity of opening up.

  • Remember that it takes time 

Ever been insecure or slightly pained from that one classmate who the entire class adores or who is the sunshine of the class in just a matter of a few days? Well don’t be disheartened. Every individual has his or her own space and time to open up. Some do it faster, some lower. Take your time and embrace it and then let your wings spread and the magic glow. A little hint, don’t be the quiet and the mute spectator for too long! 

  • Be the first one out

Don’t shy away from approaching an introvert. A personal story from my side- when my college days began, I sat next to a classmate who hardly ever spoke to me. I felt quite reluctant and soon my hellos and greetings faded away, due to her shy response. What I did not realize was that she was an introvert. Soon enough I started initiating conversations and then those small talks became long conversations into love, friendship and life, and soon from strangers we became the best of friends.

  • Be positive and offer positivity

Ever seen a sunflower inclining towards the splashing rays of sunshine? Why? It radiates and gives a sense of warmth. Be as positive and as genuine as possible. People truly bind and appreciate your true-self. Be a person who welcomes every one and is proactive and understanding. Your compassion is your strength remember!

  • Don’t try TOO hard

We always stumble upon that classmate who tries to be a little bit too cool, or a little too loud? Well that’s the case when you try to showcase yourself as someone who you really aren’t.  Don’t try too hard and be someone who you really aren’t. It doesn’t take a lot of time to distinguish between what’s fake and what’s genuine. So try your best to not try to make people like you. Just be yourself and let the magic work.

Now as many of you will be interacting with the seniors, and this is for them also, likewise here are a few ice-breaker activities to release that awkward tension and to form a good bond. Ice-breakers are meant for a fun and relaxing way of conversation. To release any awkwardness or shyness and to make the next person more secure.

Here are a few ice-breakers which will help you:

  • Embarrassing memories

Probably a textbook move, but wait till you hear the details of it all. Yes no one really likes to brag about something unless its their ‘conquests’. Here’s a great way to start your bonding with your juniors.

Start by narrating an embarrassing incident which happened to you and then let everyone share bit by bit till you feel there’s time to move onto the next activity.

  • Two truths and a lie

It’s an interesting way to engage your audience and to make a good fool of others. Try doing this in groups of four or five. Start by narrating 3 incidents. 2 of them have to be the truth and one of them has to be a lie. The other participants have to guess which one is the truth and which one is the lie.

  • First Impressions

It might be a snarky pick but trust me it is worth it. It’s almost like a psycho-analysis for you. Start by indicating three traits that the person sees in you, and has to say it out loud, in front of everyone. It is interesting to see who makes it to the bubbly and who makes it to the snobby list.

  • Memorable Catchy Names

“Sassy Neha”, or “Sleepy Sid”, catchy nick names is a good way to engross and to ensure you get to know each other well. They can get as snarky as you want or as cute as you wish. 

  • Jive time

This counts for one of the last activities after you’ve all blended in with each other. A little jive session, to re-energize and to go bonkers for one last time before the next course begins. It’s a fun way to groove and show your moves and just basically have a lot of fun.

College is all about exploring, and giving your best way to accelerate and move forward.

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Avnika Chhikara

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