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Entrance Exam Results of DU’s Faculty Of Law Withdrawn After Complaints of Irregularities

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The University of Delhi’s Faculty of Law, on the 11th of June 2018, had announced the results for its undergraduate entrance examinations to the institution. However, within an hour of publishing it on its website,, the management had to withdraw the same after receiving complaints of irregularities.

Candidates who had appeared for the exams, held on the 18th of June, alleged receiving less than expected marks and many other students claimed that they were unable to find their names in the results’ list.

Notably, the online entrance test was conducted at a number of examination centres most of which are in the private sector. Significantly, this was the first time that the Faculty of Law had chosen to go online to conduct its entrance test.

Professor at the Campus Law Centre (CLC) Parikshit Sirohi told DU Beat through a phone call conversation, “If students are indeed complaining that they are unable to find their names in the results’ list, then a probability is that their biometric attendance has been skipped.” He further explained, “Even I had gone as an invigilator for the entrance examinations. Sometimes, the server faces problems while recording the biometric attendance of the candidates.”

Another Professor from the Faculty of Law, Rahul Kumar, told the DU Beat correspondent in a tone of assurance, “The University of Delhi is faithful and oriented towards the aspirations of the student community. I don’t believe the management would do anything to harm the students’ interests.” When asked to express his views on the anomalies within the system made evident by this incident, he hesitated to comment and said, “As a Professor of the institution, I’m not in a capacity to comment.”

When this correspondent tried to survey how the student community of the institution felt about the incident, many students came out strongly against the inefficiencies displayed by the administration in the past.
Chandan Karmhe, a final year law student at the institution told DU Beat, “The University administration is not only inefficient but is inflicted with apathy towards the students. This is not an one-off incident. There is some consistency in delinquency as far as the people employed in the administration are concerned.”
He went on to cite an example, “My friend was marked absent in her third-semester exam result, even after having appeared for her exam. She had to run pillar to post to get it rectified.”

When asked what he had to comment on the current mishap, he remarked, “It is absurd! How can you upload the results which can make or break careers of thousands of students without ensuring proper checks? We are in the headline mostly for wrong reasons- sometimes for paper leaks and at other times, for grave errors in the result. Unless we take strict and remedial actions, this haloed faculty will be pushed towards further decay.”

In an earlier article, DU Beat had reported on the students’ allegations of irregularities in the conduct of the same examination. Candidates had alleged that many students were allowed to cheat openly, besides complaints of technical glitches and slow Internet while taking the exam. Shilpi, one of the examinees, concluded, “This clearly shows DU cannot handle the online mode.”

The DU Beat correspondent had sent an email to the Dean of the institution Ved Kumari and had sent a copy of the same to the coordinator for admissions of 2018 Dr. Kiran Gupta.Till the filing of this report, the email seeking insight into this incident has not been responded to by either of the two.
Feature Image Credits: The Indian Express
Vaibhavi Sharma Pathak
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