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Invest the Last Two Weeks of Break in Productive Ventures

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In two weeks’ time, the new session of the University of Delhi will begin and the hullabaloo will follow. With the next semester lurking just around the corner, watching over us and ready to prance, our ‘Netflix and Chill’ time is about to end. Before the hectic schedules of society practice and course timetables ensue, we must set our affairs in orders and be ready to take the plunge again. To get out of our lazy comfort zones, we might want to be utilizing these days into something more productive.

Is that online course you had been pursuing still lying unfinished? Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill or hobby like managing your finances, web development, computer languages, drawing, painting, photography, martial arts, or gardening? Ever had the urge to learn about a country and its culture, language, legacy, and tradition? Or wished to improve your personality and widen the horizon of your thinking? With everything available at the click of our hands, all of these are possible when you look in the right place. Online educational organisations like Udacity, Coursera, Udemy, etc provide courses for professional and personal growth from various international institutes with certification. Pursuing the courses of your interests and professional mastery will you give an edge on your CV. Skillshare has given a platform to artists and professionals their skills to students across the world. You can learn about a country by reading books of native authors, their language at the country’s embassy and their culture at their museums. YouTube channels like Khan Academy, Crash Course, Asap Science, MinutePhysics, and The School of Life can teach you various subjects in the easiest possible ways. If documentaries have your fascination, Documentary Heaven is for you. Another app to put your crafting and DIY skills to test is Pinterest.

If you do not want to stay within the confines of your home and bring about a change with your efforts, there are opportunities in every corner. If you are an animal-lover, NGOs like PAWS, PETA, Friendicoes, and Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre would readily take you. What could be better than helping those young and old furballs? VolunteerMatch would help you find the best volunteer work near you. If working for the environment and well-being of Mother Nature is your passion, the NGOs Directory online will help you find the perfect one for you with various projects and campaigns going around you. You can also explore outstation volunteer opportunities if you want to combine travel with volunteering. If you one someone who wants to unravel far off lands, Workaway can provide you those opportunities and if you want to combine your exploration with learning, check out Youth Opportunities.

Take Care
With our addictions to our smartphones and technology, we must not forget to tend to the temple we live in and rejuvenate it time and again. It still is not late to kick in the New Year resolutions of getting fitter or any other fitness goal. Keeping a gratitude journal will bring out the positivity in you. Keeping ourselves constantly busy with our smartphones does more harm than good to us. Going on a social media detox to deal with your emotional and mental health will reconnect you with your true, inner self.

Just whiling away our time in watching movies and shows and only ‘chilling’ may provide us momentary happiness, but does not add to our wellbeing in a long run. Being productive and working on our personality and health will benefit us all in the long run.

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Prachi Mehra
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