Join Youth Against Child Trafficking in their Campaign Endeavours

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Human trafficking since times immemorial has been the largest violation of Human Rights in the history of mankind. The National Human Rights Commission of India reported that 40,000 children go missing every year over which 11,000 remain untraced. On an average, 20 children go missing every day, so just imagine how many children go missing every minute in some corner of the world? Majority of them are pushed into child labour, flesh trade, domestic service or begging racket. 

When we look at human trafficking, we always think that it’s far away from us. We all have our own narrative of what human trafficking is supposed to be, but if you do a little research, human trafficking happens in many different forms and shapes, which robs victims of their basic human rights, and the saddest thing is that it occurs right under our noses.

#MujheBhiGharJanaHai is a campaign initiated by Youth Against Child Trafficking (YACT), a group of young fellow designates, who are doing a Media For Social Change Fellowship’18 with YES foundation this summer. YES Foundation is the social development arm of Yes Bank, India’s fourth largest private bank. It aims to build innovative and inclusive ecosystems to catalyse social transformation through responsible youth citizenship, media for social change and capacity building for non-profits.

#MujheBhiGharJanaHai is initiative to call for increased awareness about Child Trafficking in India. Y.A.C.T feels the plight of the children who are the victims of the heinous act of trafficking. The campaign works with a primary focus of generating awareness amongst the people of the society so that they can firstly identify the victim, which is then to be followed by informing about him/her at a “Ghar”.

If you guys, who are reading this article are aware about any organization that can fill the lives of the victims of child trafficking with love, affection and utmost care which fits the criteria of a “GHAR” according to YACT, we request you to kindly take out 2 minutes from your busy schedules and fill out this survey as a contribution to the database being made by these socially conscious youth.

As concerned citizens of this ever changing and challenging world, we urge you come together and support this group in their amazing initiative to protect and create awareness about Child trafficking in India and contribute your bit to the cause by participating and sharing their activities to help save the future of tomorrow.

You can follow YACT’s campaign by clicking on the below mentioned links:



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