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Confusion in B.A. Programme Cut-offs Leaves Students in Despair in Daulat Ram

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The University of Delhi released its second cut off list on 25th of June for all courses of Arts, Commerce and Science stream.

Many students who withdrew their admission from previous colleges and came to Daulat Ram College were denied admission into their course of choice because they did not meet the prerequisite cut-off. Due to miscommunication and lack of awareness regarding the B.A. Programme course, many students assumed one cut-off to be applicable to all subject combinations.

A case of avoidable circumstances can be observed here. The cumulative cut-off list released by the University of Delhi is divided into two parts. While the first part comprises only of the cut-offs in the respective courses, the second part comprises certain remarks about these cut-offs. It tells about the colleges that are offering relaxation for girl candidates, the subjects that one should have studied till class 12th to apply for certain courses, etc.

The course B.A. Programme offers many combinations to the students, depending on the subjects taught in a particular college. However, the cut-offs for different combinations are different in many colleges. This information is only mentioned in the second part of the list, and is also available on the respective college’s website.

Unfortunately, a lot of aspiring candidates have skipped this part which has led to a lot of chaos and confusion. Students who withdrew their admission from previous colleges and came to Daulat Ram College had to face such this situation. Believing that the cut-off for the entire course was 91%, they tried to seek admission, only to find out that the said cut-off was just for some particular combinations.

Therefore, it is advised that the entire list is carefully checked before seeking admission in any college. The second part of the list is not supposed to be skimmed, but rather it is supposed to be read thoroughly. If a candidate doubts the cut-off or is even a little unaware of it, he/she should not hesitate to call up the college authorities or even visit the college campus if their calls are going unanswered.

A volunteer from Daulat Ram College who wished to remain anonymous was quoted saying, “Because the candidates did not clearly check all of the varied combination cut-offs a lot of confusion and chaos happened on the first day of admission, after the declaration of the second list.”


Anukriti Mishra

[email protected]

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