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College vs Course: A Race Between The Two 

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The arduous decisions that you are compelled to take during the admission season at the University of Delhi (DU) can be like Race 3: Hard on your mind, unbearable for your soul.

While all students are faced with one or the other strenuous circumstances involving life-altering decisions, one of the most gruelling decisions has to do with the debate on college versus course. On one hand, you have your dream college and on the other, you have your favourite course. It is a tough call to make but there isn’t one right answer that fits everyone.  The faculty members of the University of Delhi are good at their jobs all over and great professors aren’t just restricted to a few colleges. So the difference in the ranking of colleges is usually a result of other factors and not solely because of a lack of the quality of the faculty. However, it is a fact that a high-ranking college does make a positive difference to your CV. Therefore, for those who feel this factor to be essential in their chosen field can choose course over college. On the other hand, if one aims to pursue research and higher studies in one particular subject, then choosing course over college might just be the right decision. As a Professor in the Department of English says, “Before choosing a stream, the student should understand that a college tags for three years while the discipline tags throughout the career.” The choice of college or course also depends on the career path one has chosen. If your career is leaning towards co-curricular activities, it makes sense to choose a college that has the best society or team for your chosen field.

Choosing Course Over College

In conversation with DU Beat, Professor at Deshbandhu College Vandana Kaul remarked, “If you compromise with your course just to get into the college of your choice, it might affect your performance in the long run. Although the thought of being in a renowned college might excite you for the initial few months, in the long run, you might start losing interest in the course you had chosen. It might have a more serious repercussion later as the course you choose for your undergraduate studies usually form the basis of your career.”

Shaila Bora, a student of Economics who took admission in DU in 2016, told the DU Beat correspondent, “I had scored a 96.25% in my qualifying examination. I had made the cut-off for Sociology in Lady Shri Ram College for Women in the first cut-off list itself and would have also gotten into the college hostel. Although the prospects of the same tempted me for a brief while, I straightened my priorities and ended up taking BA (Honours) in Economics at Zakir Hussain Delhi College. Had I let the thought of being in a better college tempt me, I would have been disoriented with my course and career prospects. Two years later, I am more than content with my decision. In a year, I will have a degree in Economics and a certification from the University of Delhi.”

Choosing College Over Course

However, Manali Sharma, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, feels otherwise. She told the DU Beat correspondent, “Apart from the course that you are pursuing, the environment of your college also goes a long way in retaining your interest in studies and improving your academic performance. A good college offers better opportunities, better infrastructure, better faculty members and enhanced opportunities for extracurricular activities.”

Vanshika Mehta, a student pursuing B.A. Programme at Hindu College, told DU Beat, “I wanted to pursue History, but took BA Programme with History and Political Science as my core disciplines. That has proven to be the best decision of my life because now, I am able to study multiple subjects and not just one. Moreover, the kind of exposure that this college has given me is exceptional.”

She added, “The facilities of the college and practical experience you gain there are important factors for overall growth and career success. More importantly, a graduate from a renowned college would have a relatively upper hand in campus placements.”

While the debate between college and course can be taxing, it is important to make an informed choice and not rush with the decision. At the end of the day, what matters is getting the most out of your choice.

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