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Course Profile: Psychology Honors

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Psychology Honors is a degree which allows you to find meaning everywhere. One can relate to these psychological theories, question them, and observe their relevance every day.

Did the 1991 film The Silence of the Lambs kept you at the edge of your seat? Did Psycho change your life forever? Do you wish to help people struggling with mental health issues and emotional difficulties? If you wish to understand people, their conduct, and the relationships between them, Psychology might just be the right subject for you. “What pushed me to study this subject was The Psychosexual Theory by Sigmund Freud, though after gaining more knowledge I have a disagreement with this theory now”, says Ananya Tripathi, a second-year student from Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women.

The University of Delhi offers Honors in Psychology in many of its colleges like Aryabhatta College, Bharti College, Daulat Ram College, IP College for Women, Jesus and Mary College, Kamala Nehru College, Keshav Mahavidyalaya, Mata Sundri College for Women, Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women, and Zakir Husain Delhi College.

The previous year cut-off for general category students was 98.5% to 88.5%, for OBC it was 97% to 69%, for SC it was from 96.5% to 60% and for the ST it was 96.5% to 57%.

Psychology (H) covers many psychological and scientific principles. The core subjects under it include Introduction to Psychology, Statistical Methods for Psychological Research, Biopsychology, Psychology of Individual Differences, Development of Psychological Thought, Psychological Research, Social Psychology, Understanding Psychological Disorders, Applied Social Psychology, Understanding and Dealing with Psychological Disorders, Developmental Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Counseling Psychology.

Psychology helps you become wiser with words and develop your communication skills. It hones your listening skills which a lot of people lack. It makes you non-judgmental. It helps to develop empathy too. “Empathising just doesn’t mean understanding the other person but understanding it from the other person’s view, putting yourself in their place and understanding”, says Kaveri Sehgal from Jesus and Mary College. “You start understanding the dynamics of your relationships with others on a deeper level and try to avoid conflicts as much as possible”, adds Aditi Roy Choudhury, a third-year student from IP College for Women.

The future prospects of a Psychology graduate are tremendous and exciting. One can work as a counsellor in school/college. One can also venture into HR, research, advertising, market research, social work in NGOs. It offers students to become a psychotherapist, sports psychologist, fashion psychologist, a developmental psychologist, child psychologist, clinical psychologist, or chartered psychologist.

Overall, Psychology is a vivid subject, one must go to depths to develop interest. Once you start reading it, things would start making sense which would help to provide an explanation for a lot of things.

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